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As a little bit of fun, and since we're coming up pretty close to EVO, feel free to post your predictions of what's gonna be revealed for any of the…

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....from the team.

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GeesePants Interesting

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CEO in Daytona 2022 (June 24-26)

CEO 2022 Event Coverage is out: Schedule:

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I have some questions regarding CPS3. The Darksoft SuperBios Multi does not require all of the CDs and cartridges which is great. The load times are still quite long when…

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Which characters are you looking forward to the most for Street Fighter 6?

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This post has been moved to Street Fighter 6 Announce Trailer - State of Play June 2022.

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New game release: DNF Duel New game reveal: The King of Fighters Crypto DNF Duel: Launcher trailer, Troubleshooter trailer, Swift Master reveal + trailer, Enchantress trailer, Lost Warrior trailer The…

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Hits low, impossible to punish on reaction, and also cancellable. A normal should be fast, long range, or high priority, but never all three. This one's all three and more.

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Other Mechanics ← Older revision Revision as of 02:42, 27 June 2022 Line 92: Line 92:  * All projectiles can be stopped by hitting them with a well-timed normal attack.…

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← Older revision Revision as of 02:42, 27 June 2022 (3 intermediate revisions by the same user not shown)Line 8: Line 8:  ! style="font-size: 1.25em" colspan="2" | {{{name|}}}{{#if:{{{hash|}}}|[{{{hash}}} #HNK_{{{hash}}}]}} ! style="font-size:…

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236PP ← Older revision Revision as of 02:38, 27 June 2022 Line 495: Line 495:  |data= |data=  {{AttackData-XCOTA {{AttackData-XCOTA −|Startup=23+|Startup=19  |Active=67 |Active=67  |Recovery=0 |Recovery=0

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← Older revision Revision as of 02:36, 27 June 2022 Line 1: Line 1:  {{Infobox Character XCOTA {{Infobox Character XCOTA  |name=Sentinel |name=Sentinel −|lore=+|ttype= Counter Thrower  +|wclass= Super Heavy-Weight  }} }}   

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← Older revision Revision as of 02:32, 27 June 2022 Line 1: Line 1:  +{{Infobox Character XCOTA  +|name= Storm  +|ttype= Safe Faller  +|wclass= Feather-Weight  +}}  +  [[Image:Xmcota-storm.png|right]] [[Image:Xmcota-storm.png|right]]  == Introduction/Summary == ==…

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Super Attacks ← Older revision Revision as of 02:28, 27 June 2022 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 503: Line 503:  }} }}  }} }} −  −=== X-Special === …

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j.236L/M/HK ← Older revision Revision as of 02:25, 27 June 2022 (7 intermediate revisions by the same user not shown)Line 398: Line 398:  |data= |data=  {{AttackData-XCOTA {{AttackData-XCOTA −|Startup=8+|Startup=5  |Active=proj. |Active=proj.  |Recovery=42 |Recovery=42 Line 415:…

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2D Fighter Maker 2002 — Eulogy to a dinosaur engine that refuses to die

Making a fighting game is not easy, for a variety of reasons that range from making them completely deterministic, to underestimating their complexity, to the amount of graphical assets needed, to the balancing and fine tuning required to produce something worth playing. So, it’s natural that we would all be grateful if there existed some engines that could ease the pain and allow for starting development with the smallest overhead possible.
On this side of the pond, in the late ’90s, M.U.G.E.N. made the rounds and became the go to tool for creative fighting game makers. In Japan, however, another engine stole its spot, a program published in 2001 by a company that is mostly known for creating RPG Maker: ladies and gentlemen, say welcome to 2D Fighter Maker 2002, published by Enterbrain!

Event Preview: World Serpent Championship 2022

BlazBlue Centralfiction’s premiere online event returns this weekend, stronger than ever before. The World Serpent Championship hosted by Chickzama will play out across 8 global regions with rollback netcode for the first time. With tournaments kicking off this weekend you won’t want to miss the strongest showing yet. Let’s talk about schedules, streams and format.

HYPERFIGHT — or how I learned to stop blocking and love a frog

HYPERFIGHT is an atypical fighting game. As every hit which connects with the opponent is an instant round win, you could call it “dive kick on steroids”, and you wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Except, you would be, but for all the wrong reasons. Join this deep dive into this bizarre pixel art fighter and learn how to survive among time stops, drunken Japanese employees and frogs in a lab coat!

The Spectator’s Guide To SawCon 2022

Kusoge and poverty extraordinaires Fraud Krew will begin their second three-day SawCon online event this weekend, April 1st – 3rd. After the success of last year’s inaugural event, the organizers are back with another weekend full of panels, streams, watch-a-longs, and online tournaments open for the public to enter. As these are some of the most experienced people in under-represented fighting games, we are here to offer a guide to let spectators (or potential players!) know what they should expect from this weekend’s brackets.