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As a little bit of fun, and since we're coming up pretty close to EVO, feel free to post your predictions of what's gonna be revealed for any of the…

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....from the team.

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GeesePants Interesting

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CEO in Daytona 2022 (June 24-26)

CEO 2022 Event Coverage is out: Schedule:

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I have some questions regarding CPS3. The Darksoft SuperBios Multi does not require all of the CDs and cartridges which is great. The load times are still quite long when…

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Which characters are you looking forward to the most for Street Fighter 6?

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This post has been moved to Street Fighter 6 Announce Trailer - State of Play June 2022.

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New game release: DNF Duel New game reveal: The King of Fighters Crypto DNF Duel: Launcher trailer, Troubleshooter trailer, Swift Master reveal + trailer, Enchantress trailer, Lost Warrior trailer The…

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Hits low, impossible to punish on reaction, and also cancellable. A normal should be fast, long range, or high priority, but never all three. This one's all three and more.

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j.236L/M/HK ← Older revision Revision as of 02:25, 27 June 2022 (7 intermediate revisions by the same user not shown)Line 398: Line 398:  |data= |data=  {{AttackData-XCOTA {{AttackData-XCOTA −|Startup=8+|Startup=5  |Active=proj. |Active=proj.  |Recovery=42 |Recovery=42 Line 415:…

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Who Was Atrativa? A Deep Dive Into The Developer Behind The Infamous Jingi Storm

On September 20th, 2006, a 3D fighter called Jingi Storm: The Arcade was officially released for the Sega NAOMI arcade board in Japan. Typically the release of a game is the beginning of the story, but for Jingi Storm it might as well be the end, because leading up to that is a tale of a canceled game, asset purchasing, and supposed involvement of the Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association. What happened to make Jingi Storm the game it is and who is the developer Atrativa?

Schwarzerblitz (March 2017 Alpha) – A beautiful disaster

As of March 2022, my own indie fighting game Schwarzerblitz has been downloaded and installed more than 30’000 times, between GameJolt, and Steam, and was even featured as a mystery game at Frosty Faustings XIV. However, the story starts way back in the past, precisely on 21 March 2017, when the first public build of this low-poly 3D fighting game was uploaded to GameJolt and But how did exactly play, that March 2017 first public version? Was it really a good game?

Follow me on this trip down memory lane, while I dissect and comment on the good and the bad of the very first Schwarzerblitz Alpha build, as a part of the celebrations for the game’s fifth year of life!

The TO Desk #8: Winter Gaiden Wrap-up, We’re going to EVO & Vegas stories!

The TO desk is a show dedicated to telling the perspectives of organizers inside the FGC. Winter Gaiden is on its last weekend and we go over a few details before getting into the big news – we’ll be back at EVO 2022. We’re talking what we do, how we do it and sharing a few stories from the years of side events in the Mandalay Bay. Shib’s never been – so he’s gotta know.

Input Chaos – a twin stick ragdoll neon nightmare

Non-conventional fighting games are uncharted territory, but something very much worth exploring. After all, after having concluded that the car is a shoto in “Buck Up and Drive!” and that one can make an engaging turn-based fighting game, I have become open to analyze every game that has the spirit of a fighting game, if not the letter.

Thus, when I have randomly stumbled upon Input Chaos my curiosity was immediately piqued. Neon vibes? Check. Tron lines? Check. De-rezzed robotic enemies and physics-based movement? Check!

Get ready for a brutal twin stick, ragdoll physics based action!

Punch Planet – Footsies IN SPACE!

Punch Planet is one of those names that are hard to forget for those madmen like me, who develop fighting games either as a job or as a hobby. This is because it is one of those few fighting games that popped up on PC in 2017, when the Western representation in this genre was still lacking in the indie scene. It’s fair to say Punch Planet was not only one of the most promising indie titles in this time frame, but also the first indie fighting game after Skullgirls to feature one very important quality of life upgrade: rollback netcode.

While Street Fighter V was still struggling with its one-sided rollback woes and Tekken was 3, Punch Planet was already flying on the wings of GGPO. This game deserves a spot of honor in the indie fighting game scene and it’s high time I covered it for my weekly column!