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EinAston I remember attending an MBA event over at Play Expo one day where it was an exhibition between MBA vs the Scottish players. This back in 2017, was a…

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Was good times. Rival scenes needs to make a comeback once SF6 is back

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Hey guys, I recreated some moves for Tekken such as Jin Kazama and Hwoarang. I couldn't upload the videos, so please see the videos on or

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Preferably in violet or light blue but beggars can't be choosers. Case only or full stick. I'm rewrite on all the major arcade forums with lots of feedback. So please…

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New stuff.....

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An update.... Forgot about the closed beta runback.....

- Sn9 Almost 80 percent of Panda Global's sponsored players have resigned, with several confirming it outright, and others not having made an official statement but having removed Panda's name from…

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I'm learning ken in 3rd strike coming from mortal Kombat and street fighter 5. I've been labbing my ken antiairs, and I've noticed that medium has more invincibility than light,…

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Season 2..... Steam sale.

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This page was created as an Extension of the normal UMVC3 with Amount of Hits and Meter Build added. Another editor considers these additions redundant. I disagree, so instead of…

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Added more info on misinput kara cancels in Kara Cancels: section ← Older revision Revision as of 06:14, 6 February 2023 Line 2,241: Line 2,241:  So if you press the…

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 06:04, 6 February 2023 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 20: Line 20:  {{ProConTable {{ProConTable  | pros= | pros= −*In Progress+*'''Fastest Grab…

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 05:56, 6 February 2023 Line 6: Line 6:  {{ProConTable {{ProConTable  | pros= | pros= −*In Progress+*'''Corner Lockdown:''' With Rain Shot and Sonic Screech, Eagle can…

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← Older revision Revision as of 05:44, 6 February 2023 Line 18: Line 18:  === Combat Traits === === Combat Traits ===  '''Fired Up:''' After 8 seconds, the fire on Cinder's…

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Created page with "|- style="font-size:80%; line-height:1em" {{#if: {{{version|}}} | ! style="" rowspan=4 {{!}} {{{version}}}{{#if: {{{subtitle|}}} | {{{subtitle}}}

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 05:42, 6 February 2023 Line 6: Line 6:  {{ProConTable {{ProConTable  | pros= | pros=  +*'''Master of the Skies:''' Gargos contrasts his sluggish walk speed with…

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 05:34, 6 February 2023 Line 10: Line 10:  *In Progress *In Progress  }} }}  +  +== Universal Mechanics ==  +=== Instinct ===  +'''Blast Core:''' Fulgore…

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Universal Mechanics ← Older revision Revision as of 05:17, 6 February 2023 Line 20: Line 20:  === Combat Traits === === Combat Traits ===  '''Curse of Weight:''' After throws or Stings,…

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DNF Duel Review

As if someone somewhere deep within the bowels of Nexon’s corporate machine finally said “there should be a fighting game about that”, DNF Duel is a 2D fighting game based on the characters and world of long-running smash hit MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. While adapting belt scrolling action to traditional fighting formulas is not new, publisher Nexon has teamed up with fighting game powerhouse Arc System Works & fighting game funnymen Eighting Co. to produce an undeniably unique title. Does it all work and is there enough here to please? Let’s get on with the review and find out.

Fight of Animals – greater than the sum of its parts

Fight of Animals is a weird beast to describe. Digital Crafter went from Jesus cross-ups to meme animals brawling in the span of just one year, but the level of additional polish Fight of Animals reached in such a small time (less than nine months between the two games) is stellar.
I’m not sure what the budget for Fight of Animals was, but all things considered there is an air of “doing the most with the smallest investment” that I can’t help but commend. This aura permeates the whole game and it’s equally charming and intriguing, especially under the lens of another developer.
One could think that such a downsized title cannot be that deep. However, they’d be totally wrong, because what’s left is more than enough and is the core of a very compelling fighting game experience—with a solid competitive community and an upcoming Vortex Gallery tournament in August!

Capcom Fighting Collection Review

Capcom Fighting Collection speaks to the enthusiasts with a bundle of 10 classic fighting games ranging from 5 iterations of the Vampire/Darkstalkers series, to the version-select compilation of Hyper Street Fighter II, and reaching for niche titles in Cyberbots, Red Earth, Super Gem Fighter and Super Puzzle Fighter II. Capcom promises rollback netcode, training features and museum content to offer the easiest way into these titles yet. The question is, how does it perform in the hands of enthusiasts? Let’s talk about it.

Fighting games and the gamer I am today

“Fighting games set the foundation for me to become the gamer I am today.”   It’s the truth, regardless of what my gaming preferences are today. That’s not taking any shots at any fighting game franchise, fanbase, or community. That’s not to say that I’ve evolved or outgrown playing fighting games. Is that even possible? The point is clear, fighting games set the foundation for me to become the gamer I am today. Now let me explain why.   The early days My sister was the reason my dad took me to get our first Nintendo system back in 1990-91. Although the newer console was already out on the market, my parents could only afford the NES at the time. Back then as a kid, at least for me, getting the NES instead of the Super NES was no big deal. It was my introduction to gaming and as a […]

Unfair regional pricing makes DNF Duel, JoJo’s and Capcom Fighting Collection tough sells

How much is too much to pay for a videogame? The old wisdom is more than $20, but it’s probably fair to draw the line when a game is seven times more expensive in your region compared to competing titles. With Capcom Fighting Collection, DNF Duel and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R all on the way one thing has become clear – they are all far too expensive to buy in international markets at local currency. Let’s go over the numbers.