TLDR: This is the last Skullgirls Newsletter and will focus on improving the website alongside focusing on my career this year.

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a newsletter in the past two months, let me tell you a tale of a man who works too hard for the community he loves. There was no question that I attempted to bring to the masses a newsletter informing the general public what is happening in the Skullgirls scene, and frankly, I am only one man who can only do so much. The content I made even if it was only 5 newsletters on is something I am proud of making in the end. So what am I going to leave you all within this newsletter are resources to learn about the game, certain people I suggest to follow, and what’s to come for me.

What are the best places to learn about the Skullgirls Competitive Scene?

The best places are the website and accounts I run at, and @Sgmolly_ on Twitter. I also run the many related accounts on YouTube, Twitch, and Vstream. Every week I post up-to-date Skullgirls tournaments and events scheduled on the front page of the site and posted on the Twitter account.

This includes not only the USA but across the globe what tournaments and events are being held. Especially right now at the time of writing this with the Skullgirls Championship Series starting strong in the online space.

Alongside the schedules, there is an archive of resources for beginners to learn the game, sign-up links, and an entire page dedicated to seeing if your region is hosting any Skullgirls events near you. The site is ever-evolving and will be the best place to know what is happening in the scene no matter what social media platform goes down in flames. Of course, I would like to give a shout-out to other places where Skullgirls players to hang out.

The Skullgirls Discord

It’s no secret we all use discord to connect with friends, and groups and to be in online tournaments. The Skullgirls discord is always active, and one of the many places you can learn about any of the characters, advice, and so on! It’s a good place to start keeping a tab on all events, and character discords, but of course, there is an entire page dedicated to every discord both in the USA and Internationals that hold Skullgirls events. Of course, this needs to be updated from time to time, but still a good page to keep an eye on.

Ye olde Skullheart Forums

Believe it or not, a good part of our history still is up on the Skullheart forums. Before there was a, before there was Discord, we had the Skullheart Forums. Often still used today in an array of ways, especially for feedback on the game, it still stands today with tons of history. There is still some knowledge and info that is still useful, but this is another site that is kept alive with people to make sure we have our history kept.

SGmolly here, and ready for duty!

Long story short, the whole reason SGmolly exists was because I saw a T.O. complain that no one was coming to their tournament, and since then I have given birth to SGmolly to help ease that problem. For more immediate news, and upcoming events, and if you’re just a fan of Skullgirls in general, follow the Twitter account of @SGmolly_. I pin the schedule every week, and link to resources to contact any of the T.O.s as well as where to follow them on Twitter. Much of this information is echoed from the site. So as I said before, if any of these social media platforms go down, is going to be the place for all things Skullgirls. But as it stands, the Twitter version will be the best place for more immediate news.

The Soon to be Mecca of Skullgirls

Of course, as talked about in this newsletter, is a site that has all this information and much more down the road. The site will be expanding to new ways to support the player base and help continue to grow the scene. The future ideas I have planned to implement are:

  • A page dedicated to past winners over the years
  • Users can register on to the site, and upload videos
  • Character profiles for people to learn which character they want to main

And of course much more in the near future!

The Rest of the Cast

While I like to give much praise to the competitive scene, and everyone supporting the game, I like to point out some of the great artists in the scene.


CloudNinja has been in the scene for not very long, but what he brings to the scene is his Skullgirls EDM style songs. It was a breath of fresh air to see this blossom in the scene and work hard at his craft to make more songs dedicated to Skullgirls. You can find his work over at his linktree at Be sure to support the music he produces to help him make even more music!


There have been many artists out there drawing all the fan art of the characters across the entire spectrum, but one of the artists that comes close to matching the style of the game is ZeroToSix06. He is a huge fan and has crafted his art style very closely to the art style of the game, and continues to improve his skills over time. His art was also featured in the Skullgirls Mobile game itself! A very talented artist deserving of much praise.


Okay, this is a bit of self-indulgent because he is my mod for my Twitch channel, but ThaBackbone1 is another great artist to follow. He has produced a lot of great Molly fan art, emotes, and much more over the past two years I have known him, he is another artist to keep an eye on. Be sure to check his artwork and Kofi to support the artwork he produces!


This one is a bit of a curve ball, but also something I hope he keeps making. Nik is a 3D artist and recently has been producing Skullgirls characters in 3D for anyone to use on his gumroad! Here is to hoping he keeps making more in the future! It’s cool to see this other aspect of the fandom and how talented everyone is in it. Currently has modeled, and rigged 3D models of Fukua, Filla, Squigly, and Umbrella. They are all on sale right now at a discount!



So what’s next for good ol’ Clawmaster?

So now comes to the question in regards to where I will be going from here on out. To put it in terms of Vtuber fans would say, I am not graduating from making Skullgirls content. I am still will be supporting the scene, but just focus on my career. Funny story, last year I said “This is going to be my year!” in competitive Skullgirls. Turns out, life had other plans and it was my year for video editing and starting my school studies at LA West College for a Certification in film. I have even made some plans on making other big Skullgirls projects I wanted to do alongside the Skullgirls Championship Series. but had to tell myself that I needed to scale back and just focus on getting my schooling done this year so I wouldn’t get burnt out like last year. So my focus this year for Skullgirls content is just simply focusing on improving the playskullgirls site. Because at the end of the day, I can do all these projects, videos and what have you, but the site will eventually be the home for all things Skullgirls in the future. We can’t deny that none of these social media platforms are going to be forever, and the site is there no matter what happens to it.

Aside from that, I achieved my goal of working in the video game industry and I am currently working for Hidden Variable Studios! To which some of you know that HVS is the people who make Skullgirls Mobile and 2nd Encore. The very game I have been playing for 10 plus years, to now being able to help promote the game is nothing but a dream for me. I have pretty much given up on the idea of joining the video game industry after so many attempts, but the people there saw the work I was doing in the Vtubing scene and brought me on. So I am very grateful to be in this position to be making videos for the company I love.

So that’s pretty much it for me. I am very grateful gave me the space here to detail what is going on in the Skullgirls scene, and was really fun making these. I’d like to thank all the readers who came on to read it on this site or the Pateron. Lastly, thank you all who have seen the work I do in this space and letting me express the hard work in what I can accomplish just on the pure excitement of helping the scene grow. Like I said before, I am not leaving making Skullgirls content just refocusing it other areas with the sgmolly social media accounts, the website, and streaming the SoCal locals for Skullgirls. If you want to follow me and support the work I do, I drop links below to where you can do that. One last thing I want to leave you all with is that while I may be stopping the newsletter here on, there might be a chance it will come back on the Pateron and in the near future. Of course, life comes first, but if the opportunity arises, I let you all know ahead of time.

Thanks again for reading, and until then, I see you guys next time.