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ALIANZ - August 10, 2023 - Discuss

EVO 2023 Sunday Grand Finals

History was made, records were set, hearts were broken, and dreams came true.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to EVO and experience the Grand Finals as close as possible. We tried to capture the feel of the arena as best we could. We hope you enjoy the footage. Congratulations to all those that made it to Top 6, and to the winners, of course!




Special thank you to Mr. Mark Julio, b/k/a MarkMan, for inviting us. Special thank you to the entire EVO staff for putting on and running this incredible event. Special thank you to the FGC for making this happen, and making history – together.


Shiburizu - May 24, 2023 - Discuss

Topanga World Championship for Street Fighter V starts today

Topanga World Championship sends off Street Fighter V with an invitational bracket of some of the world’s best in Japan. If you’re not familiar, the format was previously called Topanga World League in its SFIV iteration. It’s a round-robin tournament consisting of FT7 sets with a deuce condition of maximum 10 games to win. It will be streamed over 4 days over on the Topanga YouTube channel starting today.

Invited players are: Tokido, EndingWalker, Kawano, Mister crimson, Fuudo, Zhen, MenaRD and Higuchi. Check out Day 1’s stream below:


Shiburizu - May 24, 2023 - Discuss

East Coast Throwdown registration is live as the first Mortal Kombat 1 major

Registration for East Coast Throwdown 2023 went live today, promising a 16 game lineup including next-generation releases like Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1. A variety of retro titles will also have tournaments on arcade hardware (and MiSTER, for Vampire Savior), with the option to buy an arcade pass if you’d like to free play all day.

ECT 2023 will take place from October 20 to 22 at the Hilton Stamford and attendance is limited to 3,000 entrants. Early bird pricing is available until July 15th on


Shiburizu - May 15, 2023 - Discuss

Red Bull Kumite is headed to South Africa for Street Fighter 6

Red Bull Kumite is an invitational event hosted in various venues around the world since 2015. The series started with Street Fighter 4 and now it’s coming for Street Fighter 6 in July at an all-new location.

The 2023 Red Bull Kumite will run July 1st & 2nd in Pretoria, South Africa in the usual format: 15 invited players with 1 LCQ spot to be contested at the event. The first 4 invited players have been revealed today: Tokido, Justin Wong, MenaRD and JahbiM representing South Africa as the host country.

You can register for the LCQ or buy spectator tickets today. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page for the schedule on this and other fighting game events!

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