Yesterday’s showcase gave us an in-depth look into the new mode and it looks like it’s going to be full of things to do. To start, you get a chance to create your Street Fighter avatar. Currently, if you’re playing the Street Fighter 6 demo on PS5 or PS4, you’ll be able to carry that over into the final game. Bear in mind that this only applies to the avatar, as your character progression resets after completing the demo. The demo will be available on Xbox Series consoles and PC on April 26th. Check out this sample of gameplay in 4K on the PS5:

From my experience, we’re able to go up to a maximum of Level 5 and you’re confined to the area you start out in. If you try to venture off, the game will prompt you that “You can’t go beyond here during Chapter 1. Complete your missions and try again”. There are plenty of NPCs that you can challenge in the Beat Square Station area, with the highest level NPC I found being a Level 9 fire juggler. The open-world aspect of the mode seems to run at 60FPS. However, engaging in a fight with an NPC seems to bring that down a notch, even on the PS5.

World Tour mode is going to be filled with content that’ll keep you busy for a while. You’ll be able to travel around the world with your avatar looking for other “legends” to challenge and learn from. There’ll be plenty of areas to explore and items to unlock, with some needing a specific special attack to reach. You can also challenge other avatars to put your street fighter to the ultimate test in Avatar Battles.

You’ll receive missions and messages through your mobile device. That should come to you as no surprise, as smartphones are integral to everyday life in 2023. I’m looking forward to seeing what other technological advancements will be reflected in World Tour mode. Ease of use is key to this mode and Street Fighter 6 as a whole.

Street Fighter 6 releases on June 2, 2023. Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Steam.