Summer Jam 2022 Preview

2022 marks the return of Big E’s array of regional and major fighting game labels including Summer Jam in New Jersey this coming weekend. Featuring a wide variety of modern tournament favorites and a few community twists let’s talk schedules and streams.

Vortex Gallery TO interview series gets perspectives on 54 tournaments in 2 days at Evo 2022

I’m sure you all know by now that Evo 2022 is less than a month away and features 9 tournament games, but what do you know about the 54 community tournaments running that same weekend? Ahead of Vortex Gallery’s debut as the community tournament label at Evo, 956 Productions staff Chickzama & Shiburizu (that’s me!) are sitting down with the TOs making it all happen.

Fight of Steel launches July 14th on Steam

The next game from Taiwanese game studio Digital Crafter is Fight of Steel, and it’s out this week. The team is best known for the Jesus-upper-cutting Fight of GodsĀ and meme animal brawler Fight of Animals. The third entry in this loosely-related “Fight of” series is set in the far future, promising “a new fighting game with ultimate freedom”.

Long-running Brazil BBTAG online biweekly calls it quits, citing PC rollback netcode issues

Have you ever heard of a game being less playable online following a rollback netcode patch? That’s what the Brazilian playerbase of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle feels lately. Community TO Zate announced on Twitter that after 88 editions of the Brazilian BBTAG biweekly the series would be retired because the Steam version’s rollback netcode has made online play more unstable than the previous delay based netcode.

Ultimate Montreal Airdashers 2022 Preview

With 3 whole days of fighting action, Ultimate Montreal Airdashers (UMAD) heralds the coming of large-scale FGC events in Canada. All of our favorites are headed north with a few crowd pleasers in tow, so let’s talk the schedule and where to watch.

DNF Duel Review

As if someone somewhere deep within the bowels of Nexon’s corporate machine finally said “there should be a fighting game about that”, DNF Duel is a 2D fighting game based on the characters and world of long-running smash hit MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. While adapting belt scrolling action to traditional fighting formulas is not new, publisher Nexon has teamed up with fighting game powerhouse Arc System Works & fighting game funnymen Eighting Co. to produce an undeniably unique title. Does it all work and is there enough here to please? Let’s get on with the review and find out.

Capcom Fighting Collection Review

Capcom Fighting Collection speaks to the enthusiasts with a bundle of 10 classic fighting games ranging from 5 iterations of the Vampire/Darkstalkers series, to the version-select compilation of Hyper Street Fighter II, and reaching for niche titles in Cyberbots, Red Earth, Super Gem Fighter and Super Puzzle Fighter II. Capcom promises rollback netcode, training features and museum content to offer the easiest way into these titles yet. The question is, how does it perform in the hands of enthusiasts? Let’s talk about it.