The fan-game that keeps on giving has yet another veteran fighting game composer to add to its star studded credits. Available with patch 1.9.20 for TMNT x Justice League Turbo the “Osaka Suburbs” stage has been added with a plethora of references to Gōketsuji Ichizoku, the series by Atlus better known as “Power Instinct” in the west.

The music for this stage features new work by Toshikazu Tanaka. Tanaka’s discography starts with some of SNK’s early hits including Ikari and King of the Monsters to his most well-known work in Fatal Fury and Metal Slug, then moving to Atlus to define the sounds of Power Instinct.

TMNT x JL Turbo is available to play for free, and you can check out Matrimelee for an excellent entry in the series that was defined by Mr. Tanaka’s compositions.