Following the Street Fighter 6 Showcase which went into great detail about the 3-pronged approach to the next entry in the series, Capcom is giving everyone a chance to get in before the June 2nd release. Read on to find out what’s in the Demo Version and how you can get in on it.

What’s in the Street Fighter 6 Demo?

The Street Fighter 6 demo promises the option to experience the opening hours of the World Tour campaign mode with a custom avatar that you are able to create for use in World Tour and online Battle Hub mode. You will be able to carry over your avatar (but not World Tour progress) into the full release of Street Fighter 6.

Additionally, the “Fighting Ground” mode can be sampled here, meaning you can get your hands on real fighting gameplay before the game releases. Game modes included are:

  • Versus: One on One offline versus, with Luke and Ryu only.
  • Practice:
    • Training mode is NOT available!
    • Tutorials: Learn about the basics of gameplay and the Modern, Classic and Dynamic control types offered in Street Fighter 6.
    • Character Guides for Luke and Ryu are available. These are essentially character specific tutorials.
  • Extreme Battle: Try out the new mini-game focused fighting mode with the “Down & Out” ruleset plus the “Bull Run” gimmick. Score knockdowns to earn KOs, and beware the stampeding bull!

Secret training mode?

If you’d like to access a training dummy with unlimited timer and position reset, open up a Character Guide for either Luke or Ryu and select one of their Super lessons. Then, press the “TRY” button when prompted in the tutorial (for PlayStation this is the touchpad), and you will be have access to a training dummy. Lab to your heart’s content! It’s very limited compared to the full training mode, but you’re able to reset position as long as you like until you perform the super, at which point you just need to enter the TRY state again.


Study up with the Street Fighter 6 Wiki

If you’re looking to get up to speed on the roster available in the Street Fighter 6 demo, the SuperCombo Wiki is your one-stop shop. Check out the character pages for some insight on your potential main or our system overviews for frame data and detailed explanations on the Drive System.

Play Street Fighter 6 for free today

The Street Fighter 6 Demo Version is available now on PlayStation 4 & 5, PC via Steam and Xbox Series consoles.

In case you missed it, check out the VOD of the Street Fighter 6 Showcase below.