The spreadsheet is expected to be updated regularly.


Have you ever had a difficult time finding your nearest FGC Local? Are you aware of the other FGC Locals in your area? Or do you want to see the scope of the scene worldwide?

Look no further. All the pertinent information you’ll need to get active has been simplified for you to access.


Earlier this month, David Graham (commonly known as @UltraDavid), set out on a task to gather all these details to help make things easier for the FGC. It started on January 2nd when David posted this on X/Twitter:

Do you have locals?

I’m trying to make a list of offline in-person FGC locals that meet regularly (ie weeklies, bi-monthlies, monthlies, etc) anywhere in the world! Let me know where they are, who runs em, who streams em, what their big games are, who plays in em, etc

– UltraDavid (@ultradavid) January 2, 2024

Little did we know (and David, too!) that the response would be overwhelming.

In a matter of days, the initial phase of this project would be complete. All the information that David received would be compiled onto a spreadsheet, along with a Google Maps representation for everyone’s convenience.


Get your FGC Local added as soon as possible


The idea of gathering all pertinent details of FGC Locals worldwide will always be welcoming. Currently, there are 466 entries with details for FGC Locals in Argentina, all the way to Venezuela (in alphabetical order, of course). Of these 466 entries, 315 are for locals held in the USA. It’s important to remember, this only applies to local offline tournaments.

You can check to see if your FGC Local is on the spreadsheet by clicking here.

In addition to this, David went ahead and made a visual representation of each local on Google Maps for everyone to see.

Click on the image to go directly to Google Maps.


If you don’t see your local on here, don’t fret. Remember, this is the initial phase of a project that’s expected to be updated regularly. Here’s how you can get your FGC Local on the spreadsheet and Google Maps for the world to find you!


The best way to share these details with David is via X/Twitter. We recommend replying to this post and sharing these important details:

  • Recurrence (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Location(s)
  • Games organized
  • Registration page
  • Social media links
  • Discord server (if available)

If you don’t happen to see your local on either the spreadsheet or Google Maps after contacting David, give it some time. If a significant amount of time has passed, don’t be afraid to remind him. Please be patient as he’s likely working on this in his spare time.


Get active!


There’s been a lot of talk lately about supporting your local scene. Thanks to @UltraDavid, it might be easier than ever before. So, get out there and get active, wherever you are.

Make sure to check these repositories often to see what new FGC Local has opened up near you!