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I'm sad to see Mori go but he definitely left on a high note with BBCF. I get to play my favorite character with rollback forever, as bittersweet as it…

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Street Fighter III X2 (3rd Strike & Not On The Sidelines RPD Remix Medley) #catJAM #Banger #WorkoutMusic #Motivational

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New game release: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Xbox port reveal Brawlhalla: Castlevania collab reveal Duels of Fortune: Early access release GigaBash: Godzilla teaser Guilty…

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I would be down if MIA district in Florida had tournaments. All the tournaments i know are up in Orland

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It's a mashup & medley of 3rd Strike & the new SF6 Theme 'Not On The Sidelines', I'm working on the full video to be released by Sept 21st -…

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I played the infamous swiftmaster, i really like this game but tbh, quite sad we didn't get more balance in the recent patch.

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Has Multiversus affected your concept considering Garnet and Steven are playable in there?

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Shingoaway more like shingocomehere

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Rainfall I have mixed feelings on the MK series as a whole, and the early ones in particular are wretched to play (the current ones are playable, but not really…

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Vs. E. Honda ← Older revision Revision as of 22:18, 25 September 2022 Line 186: Line 186:  '''Notes from multiple sets vs 2L84U (HF Honda Specialist)''' '''Notes from multiple sets vs…

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Resistance 204X – a cyberpunk spiritual successor to Nidhogg

I have stumbled upon Resistance 204X for the first time on Reddit. The flashy presentation, the fast movement and the “defeat your opponent until you can reach the goal post at the correct side of the stage” made for a very compelling first impression. The gameplay trailer later that month “sold” it even more. But I honestly had my doubts—was the game going to be style over substance or was it going to satisfy those expectations?
After playing the sign-up beta, I can answer that question with a resounding “Yes, Resistance 204X delivers exactly what it promises”.

Duels of Fortune – air-dashing action between simplicity and openness

Duels of Fortune is, under many points of view, a sort of singularity in the current fighting game panorama. Its cartoony, cel-shaded 3D style stands out even as a part of the indie scene and its focus on single player content is nothing short of a black swan. With its quirky cast of unique characters, simple controls but a relatively high skill ceiling, it’s a game that compensates the lack of online modes with a lot of nuance in the offline gameplay offer.

Summer Jam 2022 Preview

2022 marks the return of Big E’s array of regional and major fighting game labels including Summer Jam in New Jersey this coming weekend. Featuring a wide variety of modern tournament favorites and a few community twists let’s talk schedules and streams.

Pretty Fighter And It’s Shockingly-Longer-Than-One-Game Series

Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter, developed by fighting game-orbiter Genki, is a bishojo fighting game released on the SNES in 1994. 8 girls dolled up in commonly popular costuming fight it out for [insert reason here]. Shockingly, this is contemporaneous with a lot of the other big names in Bishoujo fighters, Variable Geo and Metal & Lace came out in 1993, Asuka 120% came out in 1994. The difference between Pretty Fighter and those titles is obvious however; Pretty Fighter sucks.