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EinAston I remember attending an MBA event over at Play Expo one day where it was an exhibition between MBA vs the Scottish players. This back in 2017, was a…

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Was good times. Rival scenes needs to make a comeback once SF6 is back

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Hey guys, I recreated some moves for Tekken such as Jin Kazama and Hwoarang. I couldn't upload the videos, so please see the videos on or

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Preferably in violet or light blue but beggars can't be choosers. Case only or full stick. I'm rewrite on all the major arcade forums with lots of feedback. So please…

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New stuff.....

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An update.... Forgot about the closed beta runback.....

- Sn9 Almost 80 percent of Panda Global's sponsored players have resigned, with several confirming it outright, and others not having made an official statement but having removed Panda's name from…

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I'm learning ken in 3rd strike coming from mortal Kombat and street fighter 5. I've been labbing my ken antiairs, and I've noticed that medium has more invincibility than light,…

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Season 2..... Steam sale.

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← Older revision Revision as of 04:03, 6 February 2023 Line 555: Line 555:    }}   }}  }} }}  +     === Air Normals === === Air Normals === Line 582: Line…

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Crouching Normals ← Older revision Revision as of 04:03, 6 February 2023 Line 344: Line 344:     |on block= -10    |on block= -10     |special properties= Hard knockdown    |special properties=…

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MetropolisEightfield uploaded File:Gargos JHKhb.png New pagegargos jump wing attack

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Created page with "{{Character Subnav SSF2T |name=E. Honda |sub=1}} ==The Basics== Honda's overall strategy has two main variations. Against non-fireballers, turtling is usually the way to go...." New page{{Character Subnav…

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MetropolisEightfield uploaded File:Gargos JMPhb.png New pagegargos jump medium punch

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Crouching Normals ← Older revision Revision as of 03:42, 6 February 2023 Line 266: Line 266:    }}   }}  }} }}  +  +  +{{MoveData  +|image= Gargos CLKhb.png|thumb  +|caption= Test Caption  +|name=…

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From Rollback with Love – IKEMEN Go

First off, happy 2023! Yes, I know I am a bit late with celebrations, as we are already deep in February, but – guess what? It’s time for a new year of SuperCombo articles, delving into indie and less indie titles, with the usual mix of interviews and reviews. The first article of 2023 is about a welcome, yet unexpected development in the IKEMEN Go community: rollback netcode is finally becoming a reality. If you have ever wondered how this technical marvel is actually coming to pass, don’t miss the interview with the main developer of the IKEMEN Go rollback branch: Fantasma! Fighting game engines are an incredibly niche, yet interesting topic. On one side, you get developers writing their own contraptions in unholy combinations of languages and engines, like Hot Soup Processor, Löve 2D or even something that is not easy to point out. On the other, you have […]

What Is Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes And Why Are People Excited About It?

Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes is coming to Switch and PS4 via Arcade Archives on October 20th. Not only is Angel Eyes coming to home consoles, but that it is finally coming home. Announced on Sept 10th 2020, it has been over two years with no update as to where the release is. This, alongside the similarly-updatedless Complete Edition of Daraku Tenshi, was considered to be possibly dead in the water by some given the radio silence after its initial announcement. But now that we have a date to expect it on; what is Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes and why are people so excited to see a home console port of it show up?

Advanced Variable Geo 2: Flying Family Restaurant Rumble

At first blush AVG2 may not seem particularly special; a perfectly good looking PS1 fighter with cute anime girls utilizing a four-button system and a 3 bar super meter, it’s a little stock standard for the genre at this point. But when you dig under the surface of AVG2, you discover a game that is not only incredibly tight to play but features so many unique design decisions that few fighting games have ever followed in. Advanced Variable Geo 2 is packed to the gills with mechanical systems and character designs that are not only off the beaten path compared to its contemporaries, but would also not be seen moving forward.

Indie Fighting Prototypes – Shuzen (朱漸)

In my continuous search for new indie fighting games to play, I often find projects in very early stages of development. Many of them show promising new mechanics and fresh ideas, but they are not ripe enough for a regular review. Sometimes, graphics are just sketched placeholders. Or, maybe, there is no music or sound effects. Or, at times, the only playable mode is local multiplayer, with no AI implemented.

However, I believe there is value in talking about games in their infancy, therefore, I am inaugurating this new series of articles dedicated to fighting game prototypes, tech demos and early builds! These articles will be shorter than my usual reviews and will focus more on what the game brings to the table and less on their overall presentation.

This week, we start with the game that acted as an inspiration for this column: the promising Shuzen (朱漸), made by Japanese developer 莉琉 (Mariru), who is also an active artist on Skeb.

Battle Craze!! – all good things come in threes

This is not the first time I cover a game made with the Ikemen GO engine. Previously, I have talked quite a lot about TMNTxJL Turbo and—in an article I still need to port to this venue—the incredible The Black Heart. However, for some inexplicable reasons, Ikemen original IPs tend to be rarer and farther between than those made with that coelacanth called 2D Fighter Maker 2002. This despite Ikemen GO having built-in delay netcode (with the core developers painstakingly working on implementing GGPO as we speak) and being much more flexible in terms of what one can and cannot do with it.

Battle Craze!! is a game that uses all the good features Ikemen offers to an astonishing level and—while it doesn’t provide the amount of content TMNTxJL Turbo put on the table—it shows very convincingly what can be done with this engine, and which level of variety can be achieved with it.