Headstomper 2023 takes place from June 10 to 11 at the Quality Hotel View in Malmö, Sweden.

The Headstomper 2023 tournament lineup includes: Tekken 7, Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear: Strive, and Granblue Fantasy Versus. The Guilty Gear Strive tournament is one of two regional events kicking off the 2023 Arc World Tour this weekend alongside Battle Arena Melbourne. Additionally, the Tekken 7 tournament is a Challenger level event on the 2023 Tekken World Tour.

The community tournament lineup includes: Blazblue Centralfiction, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R, Guilty Gear XRD Rev2, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Melty Blood Type Lumina, Samurai Shodown, Skullgirls, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, The King of Fighters XV, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Players to Watch

Over 400 entrants are expected to compete during the event across all mainstage tournament games. Here are the some of the notable players expected to compete in various games:

  • Street Fighter 6: Mister Crimson, KS|Rikemansbarnet, EndingWalker, KS|Torpan, Vexed Gaming|MysticSmash, TDB | KS|Fang, EmmieMcD, King Jae, Leo, ettelman, KS | YIF|Rikkmeister, PXB|GreenSoap, Suleymon, Cobelcog, DrGulag, Chinoo
  • Guilty Gear: Strive: NBNHMR, ONi|Tiger_Pop, Sorani, Oplon|Skyll, Supernoon, Zando, bc|Jonathan Tene, TSM|Leffen, Vexed Gaming|MysticSmash, Ryo, NSxC|PataChu, SaltyEU|Ratsch, Kafka, Smoib, SYG|Jetstream, TryKeazer
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus: WIZ|Dragoi, mirri, Svampen, Socky, MrPOW, Sonic-san, Dudeakoff, Arefu, GODFLASH THUNDER, Fusilero, Virum, Zaveid, Necron|NecronNeo, LTFGC|Araett, EH|MajinTenshinhan, PRM|BimboOlivia
  • TEKKEN 7: Falcon|JoKa, Gosain, K-Wiss, Falcon|Ghirlanda, CRaZY Hitbox|Super Akouma, mYi|Kirakira, Kiba Esports|kkokkoma, BIG|Sephiblack, Dragons|Raef, Kaneandtrench, Frizen, RIZE|Ayorichie, GL|Tetsu, HK Jr., Tibetano, DEAC-Hackers|Fran

Brackets and event rules are available on the official Start.gg page.

If you’re unable to attend and watch the action live, Headstomper 2023 will be streamed on Comafgc, Comafgc2, Monhuncake and the official ArcSystemWorks channel for the GGST Top 8. Check our streaming schedule graphics below to catch the action in your regional time zone.

Headstomper 2023 Stream Schedule


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Don’t miss out on the hype – mark your calendars and make sure to tune in or enjoy attending!