Welcome everyone to the new Skullgirls monthly newsletter! 

For those who may remember, we used to host the weekly Skullgirls newsletter on twitter’s newsletter feature that showcased what is happening in the Skullgirls scene. Not just the competitive side of the scene, but also new developments in the new content that is coming to the game, as well as other members of the scene that deserved the spotlight.  We like to give thanks to Supercombo.gg for letting us host our spot here on the website, and I, Clawmaster, will guide you through all things Skullgirls! Of course if you like to follow, and get to know about the scene, be sure to check out playskullgirls.gg. With that being said, lets start with what has happen in the past month in the Skullgirls scene!

Marie latest Developments

 Marie is coming along quite well, and Hidden Variable has been hard at work making her into a reality. As the Skullgirls Twitter account keeps us updated on new animations and clean up to her move set, prior to Combo Breaker this year, we were given a look into her gameplay. Much of her move set seems to be centered around the close to mid-range combat with the exception of very few long distance moves for her. Shes pretty small, and the speed to her is pretty on par with some of the other fast characters in the game.

If anything, shes feels like character straight out of Drgaonball Fighterz. Her mechanic from watching the videos thus far, is that she can drag you after the hit with her bone vacuum weapon closer to her causing great opportunities for her mix up potential by herself.  Not to mention she can summon dust bunnies that can act like grounded assisted projectiles, and can cause really nasty set ups with her. Think of her dust bunnies like Blanka’s Blanka-Chan dolls in Street Fighter 6. Her dust bunnies can only be summoned one at a time, can be destroyed on hit, but if the dust bunny hits you or if your blocked, your stuck in blockstun while Marie is free to open you up in every other direction the player sees fit.

Much of these move sets and features were covered in our video not too long ago about her move sets so far. Be sure to watch the full video for more details on we speculate and found out what each move she has so far can do. At the time of this posting, there has been no new updates on Marie other then clean up animations the Skullgirls Twitter account has been posting for the past month. We might get more updates during the EVO stream in a few weeks.

And just as I was about to have this published, a new update was just posted by the Skullgirls twitter account today! We got a look at Marie’s new stage! This is looking to be the biggest Skullgirls stage yet compared to the other stages. Although it could be the same size, since most stages in the game you can discover more of each stage if you go to the corners of the stage. Of course like all previous stages Skullgirls has had, there sure to be lots of Easter eggs in the near future when this is finally out in beta!

One last update to this post, is that Marie will be playable at EVO this year! After the reveal of Marie’s stage, the Skullgirls twitter account just tweeted out that Marie will be playable on site at EVO this year! If we are getting a playable build of her this early for those attending EVO, its shaping up of her in beta is coming pretty soon. We are predicting October she hit the beta for Skullgirls, but we keep you posted with more updates to her full release!

Skullgirls returns to EVO!


After last year debuting as a main game for EVO last year, we were not expecting Skullgirls to return to EVO this year again. While the Skullgirls community was surprised there was a lot of support for the game to return, that slot went to Marvel 3 which we are happy they now have the spotlight to shine once again on the biggest stage of them at EVO! Of course with that being said, we were all surprised when it was announced that Skullgirls is returning to EVO this year again but as a side tournament.

What really blew us away, was that the pot for this year’s Skullgirls sits at $5000! Not too long ago, Hidden Variable supported Combo Breaker with a pot bonus for $3000! With the increase of money coming to the Skullgirls for EVO this year, it puts out the Skullgirls signal yet again for players to sign up for one of the biggest events of the year! Of course with 10,000 plus players in attendance for other games, it would not be too surprising to see a huge sign up list for Skullgirls this year at the side events for EVO. This year’s Skullgirls will be streamed on twitch.tv/tenomedia. At the time of this posting there has been no schedule posted yet, but keep up for updates on the schedule on the twitter account for Skullgirls, and at Sgmolly’s!

Skullgirls returns to the Xbox!

What nearly felt like more then a decade, its finally found its way back to the newest Xbox on both Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S! Of course with the return of the game to the Xbox, this only expands the wide reach of players who were waiting on to play the game on another console! Much of the content should be the same as the other versions of the game that is currently on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The bigger question I always wondered is with the addition of the game coming to Xbox, are we finally going to see possible crossplay with the other consoles for this game? Of course, its easier said then done, but if it can work, it would only help the game, and help in the player base finding matches more so then today! This also proves that since the game is coming to Xbox, it probably will not come to game pass. Maybe in the near future that might be a possibility, but judging from the announcement, safe to say that is coming to the Xbox, but as a purchasable game on the platform. For those awaiting the game on Xbox, enjoy Skullgirls yet again!

Spotlight: Mix Masters

In the past year, while we always have weekly tournaments expanding from the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, and the rest of the globe, one of the big turns outs this year was Dekillsage’s Mix Masters online tournament series. Since its debut this year, Mix Masters has been getting consistent players from around 50-100 every week since starting. The pot prize for the weekly tournaments are no laughing matter either. Its consistently in the 100s, and even at some points 1000’s of dollars on the line for people to compete for on a weekly basis.

This is all thanks for the Skullgirls community, the tournament organizers, as well as everyone else involved in making the experience all that much better for both players and viewers alike. Not to mention, with the cherry on top, that high level players you often seen at some of the biggest fighting game majors consistently attend the weekly to compete. So if your someone looking to get better at the game, and compete with the very best, this is the tournament to go play and watch. This is bar none one of the best tournaments in the Skullgirls scene, and has grown to be a staple in the scene. You can catch the weekly every Thursday on twitch.tv/dekillsage. Sign ups usually go out a few days before on start.gg/mixmasters and or on every Tuesday on playskullgirls.gg

In House Announcements

As stated at the top of the article we are bringing back the Skullgirls newsletter, and we are happy to bring it thanks to Supercombo.gg! Alongside our content here, we have tons of other content we produce on various platforms!

Every Sunday night we stream on twitch, and youtube our casual lobby stream for anyone to come in and get caught up in the past week of Skullgirls news. We also live stream once a month Skullgirls at our local here in Los Angeles, on top of making weekly schedules we post every Tuesday!

You can find the weekly Skullgirls schedule on our twitter, @SGMolly_, and on playskullgirls.gg.

Not to mention, on our site at playskullgirls.gg, we post different regions for people to discover and join from all over the world! From right here in the USA to other regions as far as Brazil! More to come to the site as we continue to work on it, and grow the Skullgirl scene! We recently launched our discord to mirror the content we do on our Twitter account, and Pateron for those who want to stay on the discord platform!

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