BlazBlue Centralfiction’s premiere online event returns this weekend, stronger than ever before. The World Serpent Championship hosted by Chickzama will play out across 8 global regions with rollback netcode for the first time. With tournaments kicking off this weekend you won’t want to miss the strongest showing yet. Let’s talk about schedules, streams and format.

World Serpent Championship 2022 Format

WSC’s regional format previously included PlayStation and PC tournaments in the same region, as well as splitting North America into East and West coast divisions. With the arrival of rollback netcode to the Steam version’s official release there will be no such distinctions this time around! All regions will play on PC and North America has been unified into a single region which will include Canada and Mexico.

If you want to sign up, join the WSC Discord and sign up on for all regions except South Korea and Japan. South Korea will be hosted by Core A Events on Tornamel and Japan will be hosted by Anson on Tornamel.

World Serpent Championship Schedule

The first weekend of events will be a VTuber invitational exhibition followed by a 3v3 Team Tournament for North America on Saturday, April 2nd. Every weekend after will be open brackets with registration closing the week before, so don’t miss out on signing up. Here’s the full schedule:

What to expect

WSC is a prime showcase of the global community that is BlazBlue – an underappreciated part of its popularity in my opinion. As Arc System Works invests in rollback netcode for the series the longevity of this title is really showing, including a resurgence in offline showings with majors including CEO and Combo Breaker adding it to the 2022 lineups. Ultimately I feel that WSC is a grassroots event for the community’s most diehard, and look forward to another year of bo bleis.