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Shiburizu - February 21, 2022 - Discuss

The TO Desk #6: Winter Gaiden Preview, Combo Breaker, BBTAG & KOFXV!

The TO desk is a show dedicated to telling the perspectives of organizers inside the FGC.

We’re coming at you with a preview of Winter Gaiden – just a week away from our Strive kickoff weekend! Join Coren, Hagure, Osugure and Shib to talk about The King of Fighters XV’s impressive launch, BBTAG’s blessed netcode update and a look ahead to Combo Breaker 2022.

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:43 Winter Gaiden Preview
0:10:05 The King of Fighters XV Launch
0:45:33 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Netcode Update on 2/23
0:55:23 Combo Breaker Returns
1:20:36 Winter Gaiden SEA GGST Exhibition

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