Dreamhack heads south for 3 days of action across some of the biggest tournament titles of the FGC and a launch weekend tournament for Street Fighter 6. Dreamhack Dallas takes place from June 2 to 4 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

The Dreamhack Dallas tournament lineup includes: Brawlhalla, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive, Street Fighter 6, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken 7, The King of Fighters XV and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Players to Watch

Over 750 entrants are expected to compete during the event across all tournament games. Here are the some of the notable players expected to compete in various games:

  • Brawlhalla Singles: Impala, Kingdom|Godly, Moonlit|yüz, Daunt|luna, Neeze, SiB|lores, Sandstorm, Wess
  • Brawlhalla Doubles: Kingdom|Experience, Kingdom|Maid, Daunt|Blaze, Daunt|acno?, Moonlit|Snowy, Daunt|luna, Division|Fozey, Kingdom|Godly, dawg, CXTI, Moonlit|Fiend, Moonlit|yüz, Kingdom|megD, Daunt|Raydish, SAC, Wess
  • DRAGON BALL FighterZ: Reynald, McBenedict, BigGuy, BLITZ|Alpha_Omega, Matau32, Opulence, Mr|Yourdunfor, WTE|EZLuvsTaylorSwift
  • Guilty Gear: Strive: Razzo, UMISHO, FG|Marvelo, TNS|MFCR, PAR|FlashMetroid, TLOC | WTE ||BSG, Zintai, Minish
  • Smash Melee Singles: TLOC|SDJ, Liquid|Hungrybox, bobby big ballz, Bungo, Umbr, Absentminded, DFW|fitzy, Mother Earth
  • Smash Melee Doubles: TLOC|SDJ, Umbr, Chikin, CM|Christos, typo, TLOC|CTG, DKS|give you your flowers, FC|Rolf Gray, PopeSeanPaul, Clownboi D-lux, SMTX|Redrum, Marijah, QWOP, Krohnos, Toyz, Muchobomb
  • Smash Ultimate Singles: 26R|MuteAce, Lima, MVD, JMxfia, EGO|Beastly, AK|Jonhy, Teaser, SE | FRKS|Grayson
  • Smash Ultimate Doubles: 26R|MuteAce, Lima, MVD, TLOC|Dakpo, EVIL UTA|ArmyOli, JMxfia, EGO|Beastly, EVIL UTA|Kurry, AK|Jonhy, SE | DBE|Atomic, UTDe FRKS|Kazma, DRiP|_trey5, PvE|NWA Danbi, My_K.O., Kapus, DENIM CLUB|petebr0
  • Street Fighter 6: Punk, END|Shine, Hit Box|Docta Afrikan E.X., Reynald, Danke, ranmasama, PerfectLegend, PAR|FlashMetroid
  • Tekken 7: Kiba Esports|kkokkoma, RB|Anakin, TUE|jackie_tran, TSE||AzeemX, TUE | HOT|Trojan, yuzuruk, NoWay|Wasulu, DEER ARMY|TruBelian,
  • The King of Fighters XV: AR/Dinasty/TBH|Wero Asamiya, TBH ||Seis mx, Reynald, Danke, Earthstray, RxG/AOC|BlazerFury, TUE | HOT|Trojan, DFC|SystematicRisk
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: JNGL|LiberalTerminator, Jason_Gamedev, Jasonkido, Noelbhungry, FG|Marvelo, IHeartjustice, ranmasama, JANinHtown

The Street Fighter 6 Tournament will feature a $10,000 prize pot. Brackets and event rules are available on the official Start.gg page.

If you’re unable to attend and watch the action live, Dreamhack Dallas will be streamed on DreamhackFighters, DreamhackSmash, Brawlhalla’s official channel. Check our streaming schedule graphics below to catch the action in your regional time zone.

Dreamhack Dallas Stream Schedule

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