SNK has officially announced an Open Beta Test for cross-platform play in The King of Fighters XV, which is set to take place from April 27th at 8 PM PDT until April 30th at 7:59 AM PDT.

The beta test is be a separate download and completely free to all players, featuring all 54 characters of the full game to play. Since we’re testing cross-platform play here, naturally the test is available on all supported platforms: PS4 & PS5, Xbox Series, and PC via Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam.

Cross-play continues to define this generation of AAA fighting games

One of the major benefits of cross-play is that it brings together a larger pool of players, which ultimately leads to a more competitive and engaging gaming experience. Players will have the chance to compete against a broader range of players, improving their skills and facing the best possible connections by matching into players who have a low ping to them but play on a different platform.

SNK promised a crossplay update for KOFXV sometime this year all the way back at Evo 2022, and this trailer announcing the beta test released just 2 weeks ago.

Will cross-play address matchmaking issues?

It’s no secret in the community right now that finding matches in KOFXV on any platform takes an unusually long amount of time given how popular the game is in the FGC. No doubt that cross-platform play ensures that there is a larger player base for everyone, but it remains to be seen if those players will have an easier time matching to each other with this new system.

We’ll let you know what our experience is when the beta goes live. Either way, players are excited to be able to compete in a unified pool of players as is the case with games like Guilty Gear Strive and the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

The beta is available to download now

You can report issues using this form!

Stay tuned to SNK’s Twitter for any updates.