If you’re tuned in to “Guilty Gear Twitter” you have probably seen clips of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 gameplay…but different somehow. If you’ve ever seen Sol hit Sidewinder combos or Ky land a command grab in Rev 2 you were probably watching Adapt’s Rev 0 gameplay mod in action. Rev 0 introduces balance changes and new mechanics ranging from universal options to new character moves. I’ve previously heard and seen snippets of what the mod can do, but now the developer has released an official website showcasing the changes. The mod pitches itself like this:

With a fully rebalanced cast, Rev0 also brings back a
fan favorite tension use in the form of Force Breaks
for the entire cast and also debuts a mechanic in the
form of Zero Cancels, a type of command air dash that
can be used to cancel out of air normals or even just air dash!

The sleek new website is rev0.io. You can also watch the promotional trailer for the mod that is embedded on the site here:

Rev 0 at a glance

Adapt’s approach to adding to Rev 2’s system begins with adding new universal options:

  • Zer0 Cancel All characters can now press any two (2) of P/K/S to air dash or cancel out of a normal into an air dash!
  • Force Break (FB) A powerful move that consumes 25% tension to unleash a devastating special ability!
  • Aerial Dead Angle An aerial version of Dead Angle! Press forward and any two buttons while blocking in the air to perform an attack that will send the opponent flying back!

Here’s a developer trailer showcasing that Zero Cancel mecehanic:

All other changes are character specific and can be as granular as frame data tweaks to all new moves. You can expect Sol’s Sidewinder special move to return and Ky Kiske to have a new overdrive named Gamma Edge, just for starters. Rev 0’s new website displays all changes in a character gallery with the preview video the developer has produced to showcase all of the changes.

The best part in my opinion is that you can play the mod online! For full details about setup and matchmaking join the Rev 0 mod Discord server.