Fighting Game documentary powerhouse Hold Back to Block was one of many parties collaborating on the recent One More Once tournament for Skullgirls. In time for the occasion, we were treated to a preview of the upcoming Skullgirls documentary to be released in 2022. Today you can watch a compilation of the previews on YouTube on Hold Back to Block’s official channel. Some of the most prominent community members tell-all about the development of some iconic characters including Kai Kennedy’s portrayal of Beowulf. This is also perhaps the first time this writer has seen anything recorded about the impact the mobile version of Skullgirls has had on the community overall.

In case you missed it One More Once was produced by Combo Breaker and the documentary goes over the relationship Skullgirls has to the iconic midwest tournament label. Right now you can purchase an exclusive line of Skullgirls and Combo Breaker-themed merchandise at the Combo Breaker shop. Pre-orders for all items will close on November 12.

If you’re not familiar with the game the development cycle goes back as far as 2008 and has since seen multiple ports and DLC additions while still attracting a persistent community thanks to its unique variable team size gameplay, stylish visuals, and top-quality online play. In case you’ve been missing out on the eternal launch party, Skullgirls is currently enjoying its first-ever season pass of characters, stages, and color palettes.

You can buy the Steam version to get access to an alpha version of the new character Umbrella or pick it up for console play on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5. To learn more about Skullgirls head over to the Mizuumi Wiki section.