Hello and happy holidays! Thank you for reading. In my capacity as editor and co-founder of SuperCombo I want to take this Christmas Day to extend my gratitude to the greater fighting game community for the support this project has received.

It’s difficult to put into words how grateful I personally am to the people on my team: My fellow writing team and wiki bureaucrats, forum moderators and every day users who spread the good word of what we set out to do. SuperCombo.gg is a community platform with a lot of moving parts, and we’ve accomplished so much this year in our short time together that I am excited for what 2022 holds.

If you enjoyed what we did this year and want to see more of it, consider joining our supporter program on Patreon. We’ll be putting our fighting fists to rest today, and our next cover articles and features are coming sooner than you may expect.

See you around!