Capcom’s new Community License for Street Fighter V tournaments is a dangerous misfire

Capcom’s foray into another year of supporting competitive Street Fighter V has begun with a controversial new precedent. On Monday afternoon Capcom announced the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement via the Capcom Fighters Twitter account, which is a set of policies that events must comply with so the organizers can apply for legal permissions to run SFV tournaments. The policy has left many organizers and players with more questions than answers and threatens to poison the well for grassroots Street Fighter in a totally unnecessary way. Let’s talk about the License and what it could mean for Street Fighter’s presence in tournaments if this remains as-is.

Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas Preview: Kumite Goes to Vegas

Red Bull Kumite is finally landing in the USA and you can’t ask for a bigger spectacle. This weekend (Nov. 13-14) Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will host invitational 8-man brackets for Guilty Gear -Strive- and Tekken 7 with a 16-man bracket capping off the show on Sunday for Street Fighter V. Read on for how to watch and what to expect.

This story has been updated with full schedule details and DLC announcements.