Absolutely Awful, Incomprehensibly Bad Game Has Raised $200, No Wait $600, Redact That, $1,000 Prize Pool

As this article is being written it is July 29th 2022. We are only a handful of days away from Evolution Championship Series 2022, the grand return of the most iconic fighting game tournament of all time, now under new management. Anticipation fills social media spaces as for the first time in years the Vegas strip will host the largest and most internationally-represented event in our community. An event that has, time and time again, proven to be the grounds where history is made. The schedule has come out, pools for the Vortex Gallery side tournaments are being released, and just today the commentators for the event have been announced. But slowly building traction is a common question being repeated through FGC Twitter;

“What the hell is Dino Rex?”

Mizuumi Wiki announces Edit War, a fundraising tournament for poverty gems

The venerable Mizuumi Wiki announced its first fundraiser event last night in “Edit War”. The netplay tournament will take place over the course of 2 weekends in November (13-14, 20-21) and feature 7 tournaments and 1 exhibition show. The roster of tournament titles includes a variety of games now playable with rollback netcode via Flycast Dojo on Fightcade and Melty Blood Type Lumina on PC. The exhibition will show off Senko no Ronde SP, an arcade fighting game and shooter hybrid akin to games like Acceleration of Suguri. All fundraising for this event will be done via Matcherino pots where 30% of the pot goes to Mizuumi Wiki and the remainder is for top 3 payouts. Read on for the full schedule and links to registration.