PSX Rollback Is Real and Here Are 10 Garbage Ass, Dogwater Games You Should Play

“As much as I would love to drag you through the trenches of some of the bewildering garbage the genre had on this system” was something I recently wrote before getting back to what was my task at hand, but maybe the intention behind this is worth revisiting. The PSX library is host to numerous fighting game gems, some that were under appreciated for their time or previously unknown due to their lack of localization. But it also contains landfill-sized hazard sites of absolute trash. The PSX sits squarely in the post-Virtua Fighter boom of not only 3D fighters, but 3D gaming as a whole. Much like how Street Fighter 2 birthed imitators left, right, and center, the PSX was in the perfect position to funnel absolute waste into the players hands. But you may wonder why I am asking you to play them. Fair enough question, we only have […]

PSX Rollback Is Real And Here Are 10 Deliciously Poverty Games You Should Play

The PSX library has an unbelievable amount of fighting games on it, we are talking about a truly staggering selection of games that will now have online play on par with current releases. As much as I would love to drag you through the trenches of some of the bewildering garbage the genre had on this system, it would be more suitable to let you in on the hidden gems or at the very least interesting curiosities worth experiencing.

As SEGA mulls future of Virtua Fighter, VF5 PS3 netplay comes to PC

As quickly as large developers can push new entries to beloved franchises, so too can homebrew developers improve on beloved past releases. A couple of news pieces hit my desk in quick succession: First, Virtua Fighter producer Seiji Aoki discusses the impact Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown had on SEGA’s outlook on the franchise. Second, developments in PS3 emulation have enabled Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown  netplay on PC! Read on for the scoops. Ultimate Showdown development continues into 2022, PC version & cross play being considered With the recent release of the Yakuza collaboration DLC for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown it is clear that the development team wants to go beyond merely bringing the authentic VF5 experience forward. Series producer Seiji Aoki sat down with Japanese gaming outlet Dengeki to discuss the future of the series and his thoughts have been helpfully translated by Twitter user Gosokkyu. …adding […]