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Mount Danisen - An Under Night 2 Danisen League for the mountain/desert people

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

Akai Leagues North America - Sunday Session R29 2024

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【SFV】Good ol' SFV - Rose/Akira/Menat Ranked ⚡ReRun⚡

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What is the best all button arcade stick to buy

By Deathfist

Zen " I own a hitbox and it has been nothing but great. I like the size on it as for me the snack box and others are just too small." One thing to keep in mind, is that the extra size you like for the stick brings modability and adaptability [at the expense of portability, but it's still portable all...

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 General Thread

By JoxTheHitbox

This is a total longshot, but does anyone have the classic Dark Prince "pretty smile" video? I know it used to be at but it got pulled.

Fighting Games Combos Data Base

By OldManDan

Hello, I created a Fighting Games Combos Data Base ( Right now only SFV and SF6. You can search for example, which is the best combo you can perform in SF6 playing with Lili with one Super bar and three Drive bars. I plan to add 2xKO soon and depending if the people use it add more games or...

exA-Arcadia & eigoMANGA dispute rights to Vanguard Princess, a game neither of them produced

By nbisbo

The guy saying that the website says its illegal is lying the site does not say that or anything at all past 2011 and the jank "dlc" is just the publisher modding the game because the og dev washed his hands of the game. The rest of the claims are not and never have been sourced and strike me as cope

Anyone want to play RBFFS?

By StoneGreninja

Anyone want to play Fatal Fury on fightcade but with plane switching? That's Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. Looking for someone who won't tease me for losing or be aggressive if I win.

Virtua Fighter series Thread

By StoneGreninja

Does Virtua Fighter 2 hold up?

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Thread

By StoneGreninja

What do you think about CVS2? Does it hold up competitively in addition to casually?

SF6 Player Introduction Thread

By Taliheim

SF6 Player Introduction Thread Saw the version for ST that @NyxVega made and... yeah, it's an incredible idea. Introduce yourself, not as a forum member, but as an SF6 player! Your in-game name, the times you usually play, your rank(s), which characters you play, which platform you're on, what strategies and tactics you enjoy... even your avatar fighter move...

SF6 Metagame Discussion Thread

By Taliheim

SF6 Metagame Discussion Thread A thread to discuss any thoughts or observed metagame trends, like surges or dips in character popularity, new potential strategies and tactics, potential counterpicks to currently top-tier characters, and anything else that may change the overall user experience on the gameplay side! Official usage statistics: Official winrate/matchup statistics...