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Shiburizu - April 26, 2023 - Discuss

The Advanced Variable Geo 2 Primer will teach you to play one of the PlayStation’s best games

How much do you know about Advanced V.G. 2? The answer is probably not much, but you should fix that because it’s part of Combo Breaker 2023’s All In Together tournaments, and playable with rollback netcode. Today you can learn the ins and outs of the system in a comprehensive primer video released by IdolismJ in collaboration with Sleepmode, two heads of the English speaking AVG2 scene. Check that out below.

In all seriousness, this gem of the PlayStation’s fighting game catalog is easily one of the best 2D fighters on the platform, smattering wild twists on a solid layer of Street Fighter fundamentals. Join the Discord and check out the SuperCombo Wiki if you’re looking for matches and more information alike.

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may be this what you search or not:-

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BrutalR *Chunkis

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I ain't gonna touch it ever again.

Adding to Regional Discord/Locals

By PipiLotus

Hi, I have looked over your list of regional locals and you are missing the Virtual Dojo Vienna (Austria , Europe): https://discord.gg/MegzPs5aKX We play anything fighting games.