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EinAston I remember attending an MBA event over at Play Expo one day where it was an exhibition between MBA vs the Scottish players. This back in 2017, was a…

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Was good times. Rival scenes needs to make a comeback once SF6 is back

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Hey guys, I recreated some moves for Tekken such as Jin Kazama and Hwoarang. I couldn't upload the videos, so please see the videos on or

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Preferably in violet or light blue but beggars can't be choosers. Case only or full stick. I'm rewrite on all the major arcade forums with lots of feedback. So please…

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New stuff.....

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An update.... Forgot about the closed beta runback.....

- Sn9 Almost 80 percent of Panda Global's sponsored players have resigned, with several confirming it outright, and others not having made an official statement but having removed Panda's name from…

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I'm learning ken in 3rd strike coming from mortal Kombat and street fighter 5. I've been labbing my ken antiairs, and I've noticed that medium has more invincibility than light,…

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Season 2..... Steam sale.

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 05:56, 6 February 2023 Line 6: Line 6:  {{ProConTable {{ProConTable  | pros= | pros= −*In Progress+*'''Corner Lockdown:''' With Rain Shot and Sonic Screech, Eagle can…

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← Older revision Revision as of 05:44, 6 February 2023 Line 18: Line 18:  === Combat Traits === === Combat Traits ===  '''Fired Up:''' After 8 seconds, the fire on Cinder's…

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Universal Mechanics ← Older revision Revision as of 05:17, 6 February 2023 Line 20: Line 20:  === Combat Traits === === Combat Traits ===  '''Curse of Weight:''' After throws or Stings,…

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CEO 2022 Preview

The FGC hits sunny Daytona Beach, Florida for CEO 2022 and all the hits are here for your viewing pleasure this weekend. Starting this Friday, June 24th we’ve got 3 whole days of fighting game action with a healthy mix of old and new so let’s talk about schedules and streams right here.

FOOTSIES — fighting games, distilled

According to Infil’s superb fighting game glossary, “footsies” is defined as:

“A complicated, often nebulous term that refers to the battle for controlling the space in front of you, often by using good pokes. In essence, you are trying to get to a range you like, while trying to deny your opponent getting to a range that they like. How you do this varies wildly based on the game, but it often involves using strong crouching kick attacks to pester your opponent as they are trying to walk around. This dance of playing mind games with your feet is the source of the term’s name.”

All fine and dandy. Playing footsies means measuring the space between you and your opponent, while trying to slowly, but surely, find an opening and keep them at a range where your options are better than theirs. What, one might ask, happens when someone takes this concept and builds a whole game around it? Well, the result is FOOTSIES — Rollback Edition, developed by HiFight, also known for his extensive coverage of fighting game tourneys and just-frame analysis of key matches!

Super Bout: Champion’s Tour – a 2D, 8-bit Virtua Fighter experience

If you ever wondered how it feels to play a 2D Virtua Fighter game, Super Bout: Champion’s Tour is exactly the game for you. It feels like a legitimate 3D fighter experience but flattened on a surface, down to its control system (Punch, Kick, Guard), the methodical spacing, emphasis on getting frame advantage and on juggling the opponent for large damage. There are very few links, most of which on counter attack, and low attacks are a luxury, more than the rule—useful for getting out of a pinch or having some decent frame advantage, but generally incapable of starting combos, except for a few outliers.

Super Bout is a game that fans of 3D fighter will definitely be able to enjoy, all for less than the price of a coffee.

MultiVersus Closed Alpha Impressions

This past week I’ve had the opportunity to partake in a closed alpha test of MultiVersus so I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feedback based on my experience with it. I played the entirety of the test on a PC. If you’re unfamiliar, MultiVersus is an upcoming platform fighter with an emphasis on “doubles” or 2-vs-2 format. The character roster draws from the IPs of publisher Warner Bros, so Bugs Bunny and Taz can trade blows with Superman and Wonder Woman among others. The game is scheduled to enter open beta in June and will be entirely free-to-play and supports cross-play with all target platforms (PC via Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Playstation 4 & 5.)

Bearsus – Hibernation is CANCELED!

Not many games come back from being canceled. However, Bearsus did the unthinkable and resurrected from its own ashes. Today, we go through the history of this simplified, grizzly fighting game and what lead first to its premature death, then to its poetic rebirth. Hibernation is canceled, now it’s time to bear fangs!