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Field Trip Fighters - Indie Fighting Game

I am working on a competitive 2D anime fighting game called Field Trip Fighters. It's still in its alpha version, but we recently finished our 5th character called Whistle (see…

- shiburizu

TechDeck97 What is the difference between these two, and which of these would you recommend me to use and when? You want "Ultra". The difference basically comes down to power…

- ca3gamedev

Hi, I always loved to watch fighting games and I like the genre. I always wanted to make my own fighting game, so I just made one. It's a remake…

- WolfNinjaGuru

Definitely soul calibur 5... fuck ptrolokos, man... what's worse not much creative guest characters, worst vanilla character select if your a minor back then in 2015 don't know jack shit…

- elliephil

Deathfist That's awesome. Sometimes I can get local people here to have DC sessions for mvc2 here in London but I'm usually stuck playing online. Are you in GTA?

- Kev_Hardball

Hi all, I'm Kev. I'm with the UK studio Hardball Games. I've been seeking out some extraordinary communities that might be interested in what we're working on. Hopefully, you'll allow…

- Deathfist

I hope they get a Hitbox version. I want one.

- WolfNinjaGuru

SC6 on parsec soda tournaments or IRL tournaments are the best thing ever!

- Pavy

A good fightstick for switch is the Mayflash F300. It works on almost every console (even Sega Megadrive). it also costs only 60 USD. it is very portable too. The…

- Pavy

Name: Pavy Mains: All SF2 games: Ryu Platforms: Fightcade: Pavy

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Command Normals ← Older revision Revision as of 05:57, 25 March 2023 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 18: Line 18:  |data= |data=    {{AttackData-BreakersR   {{AttackData-BreakersR −  |Damage=+ …

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Gameplan ← Older revision Revision as of 04:36, 25 March 2023 (2 intermediate revisions by the same user not shown)Line 599: Line 599:  You don't even need to jump either,…

- Sleepmode

changed "semi-ex" back to "secret" ← Older revision Revision as of 04:31, 25 March 2023 Line 62: Line 62:  This distinction is important, because super cancelling is only possible with…

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Introduction ← Older revision Revision as of 03:28, 25 March 2023 Line 6: Line 6:  {{ProConTable {{ProConTable  | pros= | pros= −*In Progress+*'''Explosive Damage:''' Kim's damage enders are the most powerful in…

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Command Normals ← Older revision Revision as of 03:08, 25 March 2023 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 73: Line 73:     |special properties= Opener    |special properties=…

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MetropolisEightfield uploaded File:Spinal 4HPhb.png New pagespinal shield crush

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MetropolisEightfield uploaded File:Spinal 4LPhb.png New pagespinal power devour

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Special Moves ← Older revision Revision as of 02:47, 25 March 2023 Line 329: Line 329:    |recovery=-   |recovery=-    |frameAdv=-   |frameAdv=- −  |description= SECRET: It's basically the HK version…

- Cherry K.O.

← Older revision Revision as of 02:41, 25 March 2023 Line 350: Line 350:  Properties: Properties:  * Juri throws the opponent behind her. The recovery is quite quick and allows Juri…

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“Understanding Fighting Game Networking” by Mauve

So earlier today I was talking with Zinac about timing and synchronization issues in fighting games. More specifically, the cases that need to be handled with respect to packet loss and frame loss. These are actually very different things!

Then it occurred to me that I haven’t actually written an article on how fighting game netplay really works at a nuts and bolts level, and so here we are.

Kyanta 2 Title

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2 — The hero we didn’t deserve

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2 is a chaotic team fighter from Japan, with loads of weird mechanics and a unique, hand drawn, charm! It’s available on Steam for free and is still in active development. Today we will delve on what makes it interesting and what this game offers for new players and veterans alike. After reading this article, you will look at the words “Boko Bar” with new eyes.