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Field Trip Fighters - Indie Fighting Game

I am working on a competitive 2D anime fighting game called Field Trip Fighters. It's still in its alpha version, but we recently finished our 5th character called Whistle (see…

- shiburizu

TechDeck97 What is the difference between these two, and which of these would you recommend me to use and when? You want "Ultra". The difference basically comes down to power…

- ca3gamedev

Hi, I always loved to watch fighting games and I like the genre. I always wanted to make my own fighting game, so I just made one. It's a remake…

- WolfNinjaGuru

Definitely soul calibur 5... fuck ptrolokos, man... what's worse not much creative guest characters, worst vanilla character select if your a minor back then in 2015 don't know jack shit…

- elliephil

Deathfist That's awesome. Sometimes I can get local people here to have DC sessions for mvc2 here in London but I'm usually stuck playing online. Are you in GTA?

- Kev_Hardball

Hi all, I'm Kev. I'm with the UK studio Hardball Games. I've been seeking out some extraordinary communities that might be interested in what we're working on. Hopefully, you'll allow…

- Deathfist

I hope they get a Hitbox version. I want one.

- WolfNinjaGuru

SC6 on parsec soda tournaments or IRL tournaments are the best thing ever!

- Pavy

A good fightstick for switch is the Mayflash F300. It works on almost every console (even Sega Megadrive). it also costs only 60 USD. it is very portable too. The…

- Pavy

Name: Pavy Mains: All SF2 games: Ryu Platforms: Fightcade: Pavy

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Arcus Chroma - less is more

In the single developer/small team of developers field, prominent examples of making a game more casual-friendly can be seen in Beatdown Dungeon, with its autocombos and simplified special inputs, MerFight, with its optional simple controls, and FOOTSIES, which brought everything down to an extremely minimalistic level.

Today, we analyze another entry in this series of “beginner-friendly” indie fighting games, which — in terms of complexity — comfortably sits somewhere between HYPERFIGHT and Beatdown Dungeon: a little, still-to-be-polished gem called Arcus Chroma, developed by GxGrain Son!

Hello FGC, we are SuperCombo

Hello, world! Welcome to, the (new) home of competitive fighting games. While there’s a lot of new content to offer here, there’s also a lot of FGC history preserved here. Let’s talk about who we are and what we do. On EVO, Shoryuken, and RTS You may have heard that the joint venture between Sony and RTS purchased EVO. The press releases did not initially signal this but the overall Shoryuken brand was acquired in the purchase of EVO. One of the immediate decisions following that purchase was to lock the Shoryuken Forums until a future for the site could be planned out. The Shoryuken Wiki operated independently during that time. In October, a decision was reached to legally separate the contents of the Forums and Wiki sites so that they may be migrated for preservation and development. This is what lead to the establishment of the website […]

ROBO OH - NES-like, pixel-sized, giant robot mayhem

The NES era gave us some very rough, early attempts at porting fighting games to home consoles, including precursors like Ye Are Kung Fu, cancelled versions of the original Street Fighter, and extreme bootleg experiences like an unlicensed Street Fighter 2 conversion. While that would be rectified by the Super Nintendo in the following generation, the aesthetic of those earlier attempts at cooking colorful settings with just a bunch of pixels is not completely lost. For today’s indie fighting game, we go back in time, while steadily moving forward, thanks to the 8-bit-era-inspired fighting game ROBO OH, by Foxy Boxy Games!

“DEATH CRUNCH! – Smashing Through the Cage of Fighting Vipers 2 with Heidi “Zero-chan” Kemps and Heruru” by Jason Moses

In an article series dedicated to obscurities, Fighting Vipers 2 might exist in its own class. It never got an official release in North American arcades, its Dreamcast port was Japan- and Europe-only, and it being a 3D game running on Sega’s (for the time) extremely powerful Model 3 Step 2 hardware means you’re not going to be able to run it on that 8-year old laptop you play GGPO with.

But that just makes it even more important to unearth and talk about. Fighting Vipers 2 was Sega’s 3D fighting game design gods at their most crazy and inventive, with over-the-top moves and characters concealing a deeply technical game that rewards good reads, a varied offense, and fast decision-making. And if you really want to show off, you can punch someone through a wall and into a T-Rex’s mouth. Because.

“NUMBAH ONE! – Exploring World Heroes Perfect with Funkdoc, Keits, and Tuskdon” by Jason Moses

You’d be forgiven for not realizing how groundbreaking ADK’s World Heroes Perfect was. Released in May 1995 alongside a glut of similar-looking Neo Geo fighting games and against better marketed Capcom titles like Street Fighter Alpha, it was inevitable that WHP would get lost in the shuffle. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s, when Capcom had all but stopped developing new fighting games, that WHP was unearthed by players desperate for something new. What they discovered was a game shockingly ahead of its time: fast, with varied character designs, one-off mechanics, and an anything-goes attitude that somehow just worked.