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Street Fighter III X2 (3rd Strike & Not On The Sidelines RPD Remix Medley) #catJAM #Banger #WorkoutMusic #Motivational

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New game release: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Xbox port reveal Brawlhalla: Castlevania collab reveal Duels of Fortune: Early access release GigaBash: Godzilla teaser Guilty…

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I would be down if MIA district in Florida had tournaments. All the tournaments i know are up in Orland

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It's a mashup & medley of 3rd Strike & the new SF6 Theme 'Not On The Sidelines', I'm working on the full video to be released by Sept 21st -…

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I played the infamous swiftmaster, i really like this game but tbh, quite sad we didn't get more balance in the recent patch.

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Has Multiversus affected your concept considering Garnet and Steven are playable in there?

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Shingoaway more like shingocomehere

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Rainfall I have mixed feelings on the MK series as a whole, and the early ones in particular are wretched to play (the current ones are playable, but not really…

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Leot buddy uploaded a new version of File:FHDLOGO.png New pageFighter's History Dynamite logo [[Category:Fighter's History Dynamite]]

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Special Moves Show changes

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Special Moves Show changes

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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 mod “Rev 0” introduces stylish gameplay changes & additions

If you’re tuned in to “Guilty Gear Twitter” you have probably seen clips of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 gameplay…but different somehow. If you’ve ever seen Sol hit Sidewinder combos or Ky land a command grab in Rev 2 you were probably watching Adapt’s Rev 0 gameplay mod in action. Rev 0 introduces balance changes and new mechanics ranging from universal options to new character moves. I’ve previously heard and seen snippets of what the mod can do, but now the developer has released an official website showcasing the changes.

What does a retro fighting game port need to succeed?

It’s a great time to be a fan of the mid-2000’s era of fighting games: Following the news that Digital Eclipse has begun talks with Capcom and Disney to produce a new release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 in response to the #FREEMVC2 social media campaign, Fightcade has released the much anticipated Flycast update for GGPO online play making NAOMI arcade games like MVC2 easily playable online for free with just a PC and an internet connection (and you should totally tip developer Flyinghead for his work on that, by the way). Which begs the question for anyone already invested in playing games on Fightcade: why should we even care about a new port of MVC2?

UDON asks for Japanese art book suggestions, Blazblue community responds

Did you know there are several Blazblue art books that were never released outside of Japan? If you didn’t and that sounds like an enticing piece of memorabilia for your collection, now’s the time to speak up. Director of publishing at UDON Entertainment Matt Moylan recently put out a tweet asking for suggestions for which Japanese art books the company should pursue for English releases. The Blazblue community has heard the call and responded.

Quarantined Rapport 4: How to watch, what to play & how to support

New Jersey-based fighting game outfit Quarterly Rapport bring us the 4th edition of the online mega-tournament series Quarantined Rapport this coming weekend from November 12th to 14th. As always the event is in benefit of Direct Relief in support of combating COVID-19. Read on for where to watch and how to participate.

Join 60+ game communities uniting to host a massive online tournament, with the goal of raising money for DIRECT RELIEF’s efforts against COVID-19. Leading up to Sunday night our streamers will feature a crowdfunding meter, which we’ll be charging up with donations.

2D Fighter Maker 2002 — The Lost World (Part 1)

In a previous article of mine, we have gone through the history and alternate fortunes of a prehistoric game engine that is STILL getting used as of today by a multitude of developers: the immortal 2D Fighter Maker 2002, also called 2D Fighter Maker 2nd. Since then, I have got in touch with some developers who are currently using this living fossil of an engine for developing their games, and also tracked down a couple more games that happened to use that engine and went “under the radar” for a reason or another. Angels of Battle, despite having been released only in August 2021, is older than one might expect, topping a 15 years long development! But I’d better let the two developers behind it (Tomay and WWolf) tell the story in greater detail!