DNF Duel re-emerges with new trailer & social accounts

Remember Dungeon Fighter Online? It’s been a long time since the heyday of 2D MMORPGs but DFO is still going strong! Publisher Nexon is expanding the franchise into spinoffs games and that includes a fighting game. It’s been almost a year since the initial reveal trailer was shown in December of 2020, and there haven’t been any trade show teases to date. That all changes with the official trailer posted last night.

Warner Bros announces MultiVersus, an F2P Platform Fighter emphasizing team play

The previously leaked platform fighter project in development at Warner Bros’ games division has finally been revealed officially. MultiVersus is a platform fighter boasting a roster of various comic book, film and TV show characters including Arya Stark, Batman, Finn & Jake and other Warner Bros characters. Beyond the character selection the game is pitched to have an emphasis on 2-versus-2 team gameplay and high quality online play features.

Read on for the trailer and where to learn more.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 mod “Rev 0” introduces stylish gameplay changes & additions

If you’re tuned in to “Guilty Gear Twitter” you have probably seen clips of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 gameplay…but different somehow. If you’ve ever seen Sol hit Sidewinder combos or Ky land a command grab in Rev 2 you were probably watching Adapt’s Rev 0 gameplay mod in action. Rev 0 introduces balance changes and new mechanics ranging from universal options to new character moves. I’ve previously heard and seen snippets of what the mod can do, but now the developer has released an official website showcasing the changes.

UDON asks for Japanese art book suggestions, Blazblue community responds

Did you know there are several Blazblue art books that were never released outside of Japan? If you didn’t and that sounds like an enticing piece of memorabilia for your collection, now’s the time to speak up. Director of publishing at UDON Entertainment Matt Moylan recently put out a tweet asking for suggestions for which Japanese art books the company should pursue for English releases. The Blazblue community has heard the call and responded.

Quarantined Rapport 4: How to watch, what to play & how to support

New Jersey-based fighting game outfit Quarterly Rapport bring us the 4th edition of the online mega-tournament series Quarantined Rapport this coming weekend from November 12th to 14th. As always the event is in benefit of Direct Relief in support of combating COVID-19. Read on for where to watch and how to participate.

Join 60+ game communities uniting to host a massive online tournament, with the goal of raising money for DIRECT RELIEF’s efforts against COVID-19. Leading up to Sunday night our streamers will feature a crowdfunding meter, which we’ll be charging up with donations.

Skullgirls community speaks in preview of 2022 documentary

Fighting Game documentary powerhouse Hold Back to Block was one of many parties collaborating on the recent One More Once tournament for Skullgirls. In time for the occasion we were treated to a preview of the upcoming Skullgirls documentary to be released in 2022. Today you can watch a compilation of the previews on Youtube on Hold Back to Block’s official channel. Some of the most prominent community members tell all about the development of some iconic characters including Kai Kennedy’s portrayal of Beowulf. This is also perhaps the first time this writer has seen anything recorded about the impact the mobile version of Skullgirls has had on the community overall.

Hello FGC, we are SuperCombo

Hello, world! Welcome to SuperCombo.gg, the (new) home of competitive fighting games. While there’s a lot of new content to offer here, there’s also a lot of FGC history preserved here. Let’s talk about who we are and what we do. On EVO, Shoryuken, and RTS You may have heard that the joint venture between Sony and RTS purchased EVO. The press releases did not initially signal this but the overall Shoryuken brand was acquired in the purchase of EVO. One of the immediate decisions following that purchase was to lock the Shoryuken Forums until a future for the site could be planned out. The Shoryuken Wiki operated independently during that time. In October, a decision was reached to legally separate the contents of the Forums and Wiki sites so that they may be migrated for preservation and development. This is what lead to the establishment of the SuperCombo.gg website […]