Vortex Gallery: Winter Gaiden brings 3 weekends of online tourneys to 5 regions starting late February

Today we’re gathering to present our next event – Vortex Gallery: Winter Gaiden. 3 weekends of online tournaments on PC in 5 global regions! We’re bringing y’all the Vortex Gallery tournament experience across Guilty Gear -Strive-, Melty Blood: Type Lumina and the long-awaited King Of Fighters XV. Join Coren, Daryl, Giby, Hagure and Shiburizu to go over our plans and expectations. Plus we talk about what are team will be when KOF drops.

CEO 2021 Preview: Returning To Form

If you weren’t quite sure whether or not “offline is back” look no further than CEO 2021 going down December 3-5 with 10 official tournaments, side events galore and what will surely be a full house in Orlando, Florida. Read on for schedule, stream links and side event details.

Climax of Night Type-4 [arising!] Preview: Old Style Engagement

This weekend will see several niches in the FGC come together to compete & connect in Atlanta, Georgia for Climax of Night. Climax is one of several tournament labels that were forced to shutter under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and is now poised to return with a strong showing for the French Bread, Gundam and Vampire communities. Let’s talk about what to expect from [real fighting roots ’21].

Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas Preview: Kumite Goes to Vegas

Red Bull Kumite is finally landing in the USA and you can’t ask for a bigger spectacle. This weekend (Nov. 13-14) Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will host invitational 8-man brackets for Guilty Gear -Strive- and Tekken 7 with a 16-man bracket capping off the show on Sunday for Street Fighter V. Read on for how to watch and what to expect.

This story has been updated with full schedule details and DLC announcements.

Mizuumi Wiki announces Edit War, a fundraising tournament for poverty gems

The venerable Mizuumi Wiki announced its first fundraiser event last night in “Edit War”. The netplay tournament will take place over the course of 2 weekends in November (13-14, 20-21) and feature 7 tournaments and 1 exhibition show. The roster of tournament titles includes a variety of games now playable with rollback netcode via Flycast Dojo on Fightcade and Melty Blood Type Lumina on PC. The exhibition will show off Senko no Ronde SP, an arcade fighting game and shooter hybrid akin to games like Acceleration of Suguri. All fundraising for this event will be done via Matcherino pots where 30% of the pot goes to Mizuumi Wiki and the remainder is for top 3 payouts. Read on for the full schedule and links to registration.