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Shiburizu - December 5, 2021 - Discuss

The TO Desk #2: Character DLCs (Happy Chaos, Luke, Vira), FGC Holiday Gifts & Safe Offline Events

The TO desk is a show dedicated to telling the perspectives of organizers inside the FGC.

Join the full house of Coren, Daryl, Shib, Shtkn and Tenma on this episode’s topics: Three big character DLCs rounding off 2021, holiday shopping season recommendations for the FGC member in your life, and the return to offline events with tips on organizing around the ongoing pandemic. Oh, and we talk about Kill la Kill -IF. Watch it now on YouTube:

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Shiburizu - November 21, 2021 - Discuss

The TO Desk #1: KOFXV Open Beta, Project L Reactions, Climax of Night Type-4 & Panda x Nintendo?!

The TO desk is a show dedicated to telling the perspectives of organizers inside the FGC.

Join Coren, Daryl (DJCream), and Shib in our inaugural episode talking about a busy weekend for the community including our thoughts on the King of Fighters XV beta test, our Project L reactions and the big news in the world of competitive fighting games. Will Nintendo’s sponsorships ultimately benefit the community’s organizing efforts? What does Climax of Night returning mean to us? What even is MBON? All that and more on this episode. Watch it now on YouTube:

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Big Things are coming to Skullgirls

By LzBoI

I ain't gonna touch it ever again.

Adding to Regional Discord/Locals

By PipiLotus

Hi, I have looked over your list of regional locals and you are missing the Virtual Dojo Vienna (Austria , Europe): https://discord.gg/MegzPs5aKX We play anything fighting games.

EVO 2023 Sunday Grand Finals

By SuperComboNews

Welcome to the Skullgirls Monthly Newsletter!

By golbat

it's neat seeing a fighting game try this piecemeal style update release to audience

Mortal Kombat 1 has been revealed

By AlexandrVol

Speaking of Moratal Kombat 1, another part is coming out soon, so I advise you to pre-order Mortal Kombat 1 to get the game for sure

CEO 2023 Results

By SuperComboNews