The Skullgirl is finally on the way! Marie was announced as the final character on the Season 1 DLC pass for Skullgirls back at Evo 2022, and with Black Dahlia finally out of production we get to see how the canonical wielder of the Skull Heart is shaping up.

The Skullgirls social media team is posting daily gameplay videos showing off snippets of work-in-progress combos and special moves on TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. You should really follow them directly to keep up, but here’s some of the clips we’ve been shown so far:

In contrast to her previous iteration as the game’s final boss NPC character, the new Marie is focused on two things: her arsenal of housekeeping supplies and a seemingly expendable cast of skeleton buddies.

The first full combo clip we see shows off her new aerial attacks and the use of an assist call type move that brings out a floating skeleton for a beam that leads to a trail of explosions on the ground. More importantly, spirit bomb:

Here’s a better look at that spirit bomb super, plus a GIANT FIST that seems to also cost meter based on its visual effects:

If you’d like to see this and more Skullgirls news, you should follow the official Twitter account. After 10 years of Skullgirls action it is awesome to see the titular Skullgirl finally join the playable cast.

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore is available now on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5 and Steam.