Low Tide City 2023 is set to take place from May 13 to 14 at the Kalahari Resorts, showcasing the top competition across the USA in Round Rock, Texas.

The Low Tide City tournament lineup includes: Guilty Gear: Strive, Splatoon 3, Rivals of Aether, Rivals of Aether Workshop, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For Rivals, Melee and Ultimate you can look forward to singles and doubles brackets. Additionally, Ultimate will have a Squad Strike bracket, a woman and non-binary player bracket and a singles bracket with Steve banned!

Players to Watch

Over 950 entrants are expected to compete during the event across all tournament games. Here are the some of the notable players expected to compete in various games:

  • Guilty Gear: Strive: bc|Lord Knight, 6SM| FRKS| DH|Ponchers, TLOC | WTE ||BSG, STG|ThaRuffProphet, Kynomite, HDC, izzy, TLOC|FemboyFightingGames
  • Rivals of Aether – SINGLES: RoA|SBS, Onesy, Rakai, Miles Manners, invisible_luigi, safe, Nox, Scooby
  • Rivals of Aether – WORKSHOP: RoA|SBS, WG/nRo|Neutral, Regigigas, Miles Manners, Imar, Naysaya, realgray, Moriya,
  • Splatoon 3: bran, ice|ice!, Biscuit, Bagel, Chara, SlackerT21, Arashi, IR <>|StormHero, Shy, henlo, Toast, Skrub, Ballóòn, Hiyah, Boopy, Dantheman, Lost, Pika, Lily, Shiny, Crimmothy, InC|CrimsonShadows, InC|Beam, InC|Admere, Red Sun|Nice O, Baha_Blast, IB|Woomy, tsune, Nilla/Kris<3, Fusion, Marsh, Lux, CG|rissa, Hope

Smash Melee Players to Watch

SINGLES: Tempo|Axe, lloD, sigh|Magi, TLOC|Salt, Smash Papi, TLOC|SDJ, ETF|Palpa, Skerzo

DOUBLES: Smash Papi, Skerzo, TLOC|Salt, PULSE|Justus, Stone, Wevans, TLOC|SDJ, SEB|Umbr, Howdy, Bungo, SHDJ|Mekk, Sozin, Ego Check, AlyJ, DarkGenex, Majersk

Smash Ultimate Players to Watch

SINGLES: 26R|MuteAce, wG|ApolloKage, Skyjay, 26R|Cosmos, LG|Maister, NVR|Kobe, SHADIC, MBS|Keshi EBoy, Niko, LTE|Chronos, Teaser, Shoe, Pelca, Capitancito, Argon|Tavares, Zie, Rectify|Xerzal, AK|Jonhy, UTDe FRKS|Kazma, MG|z3, GuyGuy, Jordan, SE | FRKS|Grayson, Atomic, SBG|BullHall, DBQ|Ego|TXST|Ray, ven, Beastly, Skitz, Frost|KRU|DBE|Superberry, Renegade, Juice, DBE|DJDon, Justyce, Mr.Newport, PSG|Megafox, MBS|Justinbyleth, Black_Screen, USA|Double D, PSG|Gidy, MBS|Pharaoh, Skinny the Pooh, EXE|Waltz, Fox, PvE|NWA Danbi, Shadow_PR, malachite, KRU|Smirk, BroKen, DRiP|_trey5, Rickles, Snore, GURG|Chef, SPZ|Buandon, tobyfoxfan4000|firefly, Skeleton, Ego|Shigura, SE|Bert The Dragon, TLOC|Dakpo, BtB|Orex, DMG|Jade, Ego|sewerperson, NeM|ToasT, Yat

DOUBLES: LG|Maister, Skyjay, Pelca, wG|ApolloKage, MBS|Justinbyleth, MBS|Keshi EBoy, SHADIC, SBG|BullHall, Beastly, Atomic, TLOC|Dakpo, ven, Zie, Jordan, TLOC|LightningCam, Ego|Shigura

SQUAD STRIKE: 26R|MuteAce, NVR|Kobe, MBS|Keshi EBoy, SHADIC, Beastly, Shoe, Atomic, SBG|BullHall

Queen’s Bracket (Women and Non-Binary Players): Kasai, Sunny, taurus, subwhich, Eclipse, Meester Tweester, DJB|ZAP, ConnorESports|IsEthan_

Brackets and event rules are available on the official Low Tide City Start.gg page.

Low Tide City 2023 Stream Schedule

If you’re unable to attend and watch the action live, Low Tide City will be streamed on BTSSmash, BTSSmash2, TourneyLocator and IPLSplatoon. Multitwitch available here. Check our streaming schedule graphics below to catch the action in your regional time zone.

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Don’t miss out on the hype – mark your calendars and make sure to tune in or enjoy attending!