After two invite-only closed beta tests in 2022 and the release of an offline demo, Capcom is finally opening up the floodgates to give everyone a chance to play online before the release of Street Fighter 6. The Street Fighter 6 Open Beta will be available from May 19 to 21 is identical to the build used during Closed Beta Test 2. The SF6 Open Beta Test will be available for PlayStation 5 (no PS4!), Xbox Series consoles and PC via Steam.

Which characters are available in the SF6 Open Beta?

The following characters will be playable in the Open Beta:

  • Ryu
  • Chun-Li
  • Guile
  • Jamie
  • Juri
  • Ken
  • Kimberly
  • Luke

Capcom reminds you that the build available during the open beta is from 2022, and “The release version will be further adjusted and will feature updated character balance, etc.” We already know that changes have been made to Ryu and Luke just going off of the demo version content, so what you’re getting here is not at all the final balance.

What modes are available in the SF6 Open Beta?

The Open Beta will be focused on online play, meaning that you have access to the Battle Hub and related content. This includes:

  • Creating an avatar for use in the Battle Lounge (does not carry over to the full game).
    • You can also access the Hub Goods shop to buy items to customize your avatar with.
  • Casual & Ranked Matchmaking
  • Battle Hub Matches (walking up to an arcade cabinet to play inside the Battle Hub)
  • Open Tournaments (automated)
  • Training Mode
  • Extreme Battle is available on a ruleset rotation for online play.
  • Game Center is available with a rotation of classic Capcom games in the Battle Hub.

Link your Capcom ID for Cross-play & Preload the game

Street Fighter 6’s online play features cross-play and you will need a Capcom ID account to participate. You can do this ahead of time by going to the official site and creating an account. Then you will be asked to sign-in to your platform accounts of choice to link.

You can also pre-load the beta test before it goes live on May 16 at 12:00 AM Pacific (7 PM UTC). Stay tuned for links when they are available.