Kagaribi #10 is set to take place from May 6 to 7 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchō, showcasing the top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competition in Japan with a wealth of international players making it out to face off against the country’s best.

The singular Smash Ultimate tournament reached its cap of 1024 attendees. Here are just some of the notable players who will be attending Kagaribi #10: ZETA|あcola, FaZe|Sparg0, FTG|ミーヤー, Liquid|Riddles, Revo|Yoshidora, ZETA|Tea, SZ|Asimo, SST|Shuton, 26R|MuteAce, SBI|KEN, DFM|zackray, Liquid|Dabuz, R2G|Kameme, Zomba, ZETA|Gackt, Lima, 8LX|HIKARU, CJE|へろー, Nth|Nao, 26R|Cosmos, Liquid|Atelier, PAR|Scend, R2G|Eim, Revo|Kome, じょうぎぶ, MRG VGBC|Umeki, BUZZ|Neo, InC|Jahzz0, DIO, VoiD, iXA|ヤウラ, BKROG|Mr.R, SNB|Abadango, せんら, MISA|Rizeasu, MASA, HIT|Lv.1, FURIA|Fatality, シッショー, SZ|Paseriman, SNB|takera, Jagaimo, DFM|Nietono, ツバキ, ましゃ, Huto, からあげ, sssr, MRG|かになべ, Tsu, R2G|Repo, ふたりのきわみアー!, たいけい, CLX|ヤマナクション, FTG|りゅーおー, MRG/EnG|オムアツ, EnG|よこしゃーぷ, 百万|ちょんれん, KN|Noi, alice, Suinoko, Sigma, りてしあ, R2G|満足

Brackets are available on Start.gg.

If you’re unable to attend and watch the action live, Kagaribi #10 will be streamed on the EastGeekSmash YouTube channel with a sub-stream on Twitch in Japanese (though we’re unsure what phases will be on the sub stream), and VGBootcamp on Twitch in English. Check out our streaming schedules to catch the action in your regional time zone.

Kagaribi #10 Stream Schedule

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