The Indie Fighting Games Fest is a a 5-day event featuring community creators and game developers in the FGC uniting for competitions & showcases! Collectively the online festival is expected to include over 60 participating titles and more than 40 hours of community streams. is your one stop shop for tournaments, streams and news coverage coming out of the fest running from April 13 to 17 on Steam.

Indie Fighting Games Fest on Steam

A number of featured titles are expected to go on sale or offer demos during the Indie Fighting Games Fest!

Discounts, demos and free games!

Don’t miss this chance to grab your favorite indie fighting games at a low price! Many developers are also offering demos of their games, and the innovative fighters in the “Free to Play” collection don’t cost a thing!

Curated Collections

Independent fighting games are known for breaking new ground where AAA titles fear to tread. The ‘Genre Mix-Ups’ category will highlight fighting games that cross over into other genres (and games in other genres inspired by fighting games), while titles in the ‘Radical Accessibility’ category are a great starting point for newcomers to fighting games.

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Tournaments at Indie Fighting Games Fest

The Indie Fighting Games Fest will feature tournaments for FOOTSIES, MerFight, Tough Love Arena, Your Only Move is HUSTLE! See below for start times and sign up links:

All times below in EDT (UTC-4):

Each tournament is planned to have a stream so don’t miss them if you’re planning on spectating!

FGC Creators Stream Schedule

Each day of the Indie Fighting Games Fest will feature livestreams from community creators interested in showcasing the latest in grassroots game development. That means you can look forward to over 8 hours of streams each day, and here’s the schedule to keep handy:

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Announcements & Trailers

With over 60 games featured at the Indie Fighting Games Fest it’s inevitable that the developers bring out announcements including playable demos for upcoming titles, character & content updates to released games and trailers for the latest and greatest. We’ll be adding more announcements as they come in over the event so keep checking back!

Blazing Worldstars: Steam page live, new Trailer

Chock full of of sprite animation and calling back to the retro fighters of the late 90s, Blazing Worldstars is now available to Wishlist on Steam with a new trailer.

Blazing Worldstars is a 2D traditional fighter, using sprite work for animations as a call back to the 90s era of classic arcade fighters by SNK/NeoGeo and Capcom. This game is a 6 button fighter, like every 2D fighter, there are special moves, throws, and super moves. This is enhanced by the mix of fast paced KoF like combat, parries of SF3S, and the Enhance System, somewhat like the V trigger system other than it giving fighters strong abilities and tools special to them, some may have more than one “Warrior Instinct”.

Blazing Worldstars is available to wishlist on Steam.

DAIR: Available to Wishlist, Demo Available

A platform fighter in a similar range of simplicity as FOOTSIES, “Down Aerial” (titled as DAIR) is available to wishlist on Steam today. A free demo is also available during the fest period.

DAIR is a fast-paced, aggressive platform fighter featuring intricate ground and air movement, and a strong, air-only attack.
Carefully designed to teach fundamental skills such as edgeguarding, ledge trapping, and general option coverage, DAIR rewards careful planning to shut your opponent down and restrict their agency. Just don’t get reversed.

DAIR is available to wishlist on Steam.

Duelists of Eden: Maypul Announced, Playtest during Fest

Upcoming deck-builder fighting game Duelists of Eden will be getting a crossover from Rivals of Aether with Maypul coming as a playable character. This homage to Megaman Battle Network and sequel to the single player RPG One Step from Eden will feature rollback netcode for online play, replays and training mode for a full fledged fighting experience.

Duelists of Eden is a 2D grid-fighting game set after the events of One Step From Eden.
Build a deck and battle online in real-time action!

Duelists of Eden will also be available to play as part of the Indie Fighting Game Fest.

Duelists of Eden is available to wishlist on Steam.

ExploJudo: Duels of Fortune collaboration

Coming from the developer of Schwarzerblitz, ExploJudo (or its full name Exploding Judo Federation) is best described by its main twist: Every grab is lethal. It’s another 3D fighter from inarguably the most active indie developer in the space, and today it’s adding a crossover character. Callowman from Duels of Fortune is available now.

The year is 2067. The “Second Black Lightning” is just a memory, and the world has moved on. One extreme sport has taken hold: Exploding Judo!

Fought between two opponents on a conveniently prepared minefield, this discipline is as lethal as the name suggest, making those who survive more than one tourney undisputed celebrities.

People from all walks of life have decided to face the challenge and risk their lives to become heroes, pay their debts or get revenge.

Motivations aren’t important, though: the judgment of the explosion has always the last word.

ExploJudo is available as a demo on Duels of Fortune is also available on in early access.

Fight.EXE: New Playable Demo

Dealing low-poly and spooky aesthetics in spades, Fight.EXE will receive a playable demo on April 13th as part of the Indie Fighting Games Fest.

A hidden machine in a forbidden arcade in south Nevada, Rumors of a lost fighting game, known to draw madness from its players. Soon ROMS of the game have surfaced, but needs to run on a custom emulator that can only be run on lost Operating Systems. The Application simply called “FIGHT.EXE”

Fight.EXE is available to wishlist on Steam.

Fist World Volga: New Demo, 50% off sale

The world of tabletop RPGs is no stranger to fighting game mechanics, and Fist World Volga by Data Sparrow is the latest pitch on the concept by dropping players into the year 2391. A demo kit is available now with 50% off on during the Indie Fighting Games Fest.

Fist World Volga is a 1v1 “fighting board game”, mixing the grid-based tactics of classic wargames like Battletech with the mechanical depth and unrelenting kineticism of arcade fighting games like Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, Guilty Gear and…Zero Divide? Step into the cockpit of the Divjak MKII Sporting Bioframe and duke it out in the squared circle as one of eight different Frame Configurations, each armed with a variety of dubiously accurate guns and flashy melee weapons – from plain old rocket-powered fists to giant gunblades!

Fist World Volga is available to buy on

Hyper Hitboxing: Steam Page live

Hyper Hitboxing is coming to us from the developer behind Arcus Chroma and the design influence really shines in this bite-sized fighting experience. The game will be coming to Steam and now has a page.

Hyper HitBoxing is an action-packed, grounded fighting game that places players at the center of the boxing ring. Stamina management is crucial in this game, as each move relies on the available stamina, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. Players can go head-to-head against a friend or take on the CPU in intense battles, with the option to hone their skills in training mode. Despite its small size, Hyper HitBoxing provides a fun and engaging experience for anyone who loves boxing or fighting games or wants to get into the genre. Get ready to jab, hook, and uppercut your way to victory!

Hyper Hitboxing is available to wishlist on Steam.

Fist World Volga is available now on

Kronian Titans: New Playable Demo

An updated demo for mecha fighting game Kronian Titans has been made available as part of the Indie Fighting Games Fest.

Kronian Titans is a 2.5D airdashing fighting game, with fast action and complex characters!
Every mech has its own particularities, which must be mastered to win.

Kronian Titans is available to wishlist on Steam.

Mega Knockdown: HUD update

Turn-based fighting game Mega Knockdown (often known for the “prototype” sprites based on streamer Jerma985) will receive an updated HUD in a game update coming April 13th. In case you missed it, Mega Knockdown’s character art updates have brought forward a style that evokes comic books, and shows off the diverse cast of characters far better than a single pantomiming man ever could.

Mega Knockdown’s simultaneous turn-based gameplay system makes it a unique, beginner-friendly fighting game experience that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Fighting game veterans and newbies alike can jump right in to advanced level mindgames without spending a lot of time learning execution or complex inputs. Learn fighting games, or teach them to your friends!

Mega Knockdown is available to buy on Steam Early Access.

Rainbowcore Hypernova: Coming to Steam for free on April 20

Colorful fighting game Rainbowcore Hypernova was announced just last month and is quickly headed to a full release on Steam. The game is described by community content creator Mr. MKL as follows:

Rainbowcore Hypernova takes a colourful cast of fighters based, of course, on the colours of the rainbow then sets them against a sketchbook backdrop and layers in an epic soundtrack with… mouth noises?  And it works. The UI is vibrant, the audio is endearing and the characters are striking, with strong silhouettes and memorable colour coding.

You can read the full preview on their Patreon.

Rainbowcore Hypernova will arrive with rollback netcode and completely free to play. You can wishlist the game on Steam now before its release on April 20th.

Resistance 204X: New Playable Demo

Resistance 204X is an interesting mix of versus racing format, platform fighting stages and traditional fighting game mechanics. As part of the Indie Fighting Games Festival a new playable demo is available on Steam!

Street Fighter meets Nidhogg in the best game to introduce fighting games to your friends that don’t play fighting games. Cross the goal to win the match, use the platforms to position yourself strategically, react quickly, KO your opponent, and run as fast as you can. Rollback Netcode.

Resistance 204X is available to wishlist on Steam.

Rhythm Brawl: Now Available

A rhythm game fusion calling back to Guitar Hero’s versus gameplay with fighting game spice, Rhythm Brawl is now available on Steam.

It contains vertical-scrolling rhythm gameplay which is most notably found in games like Guitar Hero, but in multiplayer. But that’s not all that it offers! There is the Edoren System which spices things up by allowing you to do special attacks, making each round slightly different from the previous.

You can choose between a distinct cast of anime characters ranging from the stoic half-spider “KneoX” to the calm violinist “Shiroko”, each with their own variety of special moves giving the rhythm gameplay a strategic twist!

Rhythm Brawl is available now on Steam.

Shattered: ‘Providence’ Trailer, Steam Page Live

Retro-inspired and oozing in pixelated style, Shattered now has a Steam page and a new trailer to coincide:

Shatter your opponent’s defenses and set them up for earthshaking super attacks!

Shattered is a 1-on-1 fighting game inspired by the greats of the ’90s. A ground based footsies fighter with 4 button controls, where you aim to shatter your opponent to grant you more options to dish out damage.

Shattered is available to wishlist on Steam.

Swordmin’z Dreams: New Trailer, Steam Page Live

Indie fighting games are no stranger to clean lines and colorful presentations, which Swordmin’z Dream wears on its sleeve. Promising 2 to 4 player versus gameplay with fast paced matches, the game’s trailer and screenshots are now available on a dedicated Steam page.

Swordmin’z Dream is a mini-maximalist two-to-four player fighting game focused around quick matches and a volatile neutral space. Built with an emphasis on fast, high-risk play, matches can be won or lost with a single well-placed hit, but you can turn the tide quickly with strong parry mechanics.

Swordmin’z Dream is available to wishlist on Steam.

Terrordrome adds the Wendigo, new stages & GGPO netcode!

Horror iconography inspired fighting game Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends adds the Wendigo as a playable character. In addition, 2 new stages have been added and a new user interface refresh. Perhaps the biggest news for people looking to get into something new is the addition of GGPO netcode arriving along side the rest. Read the patch notes here.

The Spirit of Hunger and Greed has been awakened and is more ravenous than ever. Once an inhabitant of the cold forests in the northern regions of North America, his presence is now often felt near rural towns. Something has triggered his appetite and it’s uncertain what this could be. Although most people don’t believe in him and consider it a mere Native American legend, the Sasquatch people know him well and may know how to stop him. For that to happen, new alliances will need to be forged between humans and the Sasquatch if they can settle their differences.

Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends is available to buy on Steam Early Access.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds: Stronghoof DLC out now

Known for its four-legged action and quality singleplayer and online content in an accessible bundle, Them’s Fightin’ Herds DLC roadmap hoofs onward with the release of Stronghoof.

Stronghoof the Reindeer joins the roster as the second character in the Season 1 Pass!

Unlocking Stronghoof requires the purchase of the Season 1 Pass or his individual Character Pack. Owners of the Deluxe Edition are automatically graced with his presence without any extra steps!

Regardless of whether or not you own the DLC, you may still fight against him in online play. He also sometimes shows up as a CPU-controlled opponent in Arcade Mode!

Them’s Fightin’ Herds is available now on Steam.

Community Showcases

Indie Fighting Showcases by Goh Low

Community video maker Goh Low is doing weekly overviews of various indie fighting games featured in the festival during the month of April. You can check out the currently available episodes below:

Amazing FREE Indie Fighters by ZettaSlow