The Rumble Fish 2 console port announced for winter 2022 release

Publisher 3goo & developer Dimps have announced a home console release of arcade fighting game The Rumble Fish 2, slated to release this winter. A new cinematic trailer has been released in English, suggesting an international release:

The Rumble Fish 2 was originally released in 2005 for the Atomiswave arcade system and has never seen a console release. However, the game was ported to the NesicaXLive arcade platform. It’s well known for what the developers refer to as “Smooth Model Animation”, a way to move 2D sprites on a per-limb basis. It is not immediately clear if this port will include the original Rumble Fish game, which was released to home consoles as Japan-exclusive PS2 title. The press release by 3goo only comments on the second game’s first home release, and the trailer shows the second game logo explicitly.

The story broke on Famitsu, which has the following comments (DeepL translation):

Comments from Takashi Nishiyama, President of Dimps Inc.
“The Rumble Fish” is a memorable title for Dimps. Dimps developed this 2D fighting game for Atomiswave, an arcade system board developed by Sammy Corporation. Although it may seem somewhat classic by today’s fighting game standards, we are proud to say that it is an ambitious title that made full use of various ideas for image expression within the constraints of the system board nearly 20 years ago. We hope that 3goo Inc. will shine the spotlight on us once again and that the new possibilities of this “The Rumble Fish” series will expand once again.

Comment from Di Costanzo Nicola, President of 3goo Inc.
I have been a fan of Dimps for a long time, so I am very happy to be able to present this “undiscovered masterpiece” to the world for the first time. I am also very honored that Dimps has given me this great opportunity. We are excited to bring this series, which has taken various fighting game systems and made them the rage in video arcades, to the home, making it easy for anyone to play.

Presently the Famitsu release includes screenshots of the original Arcade release.

There is no information on what platforms this will release on nor new features included in this release. If you’ve never heard of this game, outside of Japanese arcades it’s most commonly played on Fightcade with rollback netcode. GuileWinQuote made a system mechanics primer if you’d like to see what this game is about:

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