The next game from Taiwanese game studio Digital Crafter is Fight of Steel, and it’s out this week. The team is best known for the Jesus-upper-cutting Fight of Gods and meme animal brawler Fight of Animals. The third entry in this loosely-related “Fight of” series is set in the far future, promising “a new fighting game with ultimate freedom”. Digital Crafter has released a new trailer showing the gameplay and features included:

Here is an overview of the game from the Steam page:

After two and a half years, Digital Crafter presents Fight of Steel! A whole new type of fighting game, a spiritual sequel to Fight of Animals.

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior

In the distant future, humans no longer exist. Now, robots rule the world. You wake up in a ruined site and have no memory of what happened to you, facing an unknown world and enemies; Fight your way through the Tower to find the truth.

Build your fighter, infinite combinations!

Unlike traditional fighting games, Fight of Steel free characters from assigned move sets. Players can decide the basic moves by choosing “Combat Stance” and selecting the “Martial Art Chips” they like; you can even customize the appearance of the fighters to build your own.

Simple Control with depth!

Fight of Steel is a spiritual sequel to Fight of Animals in control and command designs. Simple designs for more players to enjoy the refreshing experience of fighting games; Special move inputs are designed as command normals, a directional input along with the appropriate attack button, and Supers are triggered with one button. Players won’t be troubled with “circle motions” and can get a hang of fighting more quickly.

Based on simple input systems, Fight of Steel added “EX moves”, enhanced special moves, to the game. And with the whole new OVERDRIVE feature further deepens the game for players to explore.

Rollback Net Code with more features!

Yes, we use Rollback Net Code for our games. With the know-how, we acquired in developing Fight of Gods and Fight of Animals. We won’t let you down this time! This time we added a rank system to online matches. We hope people who like PVP enjoy it.

Contents beyond fighting!

Who says stories don’t matter in fighting games? In Story Mode, you will play as a martial artist with his memory lost. Facing an unknown world and enemies, fight your way through the Tower to find the truth! You will unlock different endings with different winning conditions.

Original Challenge Mode!

In Fight of Steel, we designed a Challenge Mode that focused on “Stat Composition” and “Part Collecting.” In Challenge Mode, every part of a STEEL is with stat and property variations. Players will get different parts through combats. Build a STEEL according to your opponent’s weakness and win all the prizes on the way!

Join Fight of Steel now! Build Fighters of your own!

Fight of Steel’s core gameplay revolves around customizing robotic fighters with the player’s choice of fighting style, special moves, super move and even appearance down to limbs and colors. Andrea did an extensive impressions writeup of open beta test gameplay conducted earlier this year and summarized it as: “Create-a-fighter meets Digital Crafter, resulting in custom robots beating the living rust out of each other, in a human-less future and with a lot of dash cancels.”

If you’d like to see some of the tech in action I wrote a short Twitter thread with clips of gameplay mechanics and explanations. I also hosted a community tournament for the demo build that was available during Steam Next Fest, if you’d like to watch the VOD on Twitch.


The game will launch on Steam with rollback netcode included for online lobby and ranked match play, which was generally well-reviewed in the beta tests and is a continuation of the quality set in Digital Crafter’s previous fighting games. These games are usually very competitively priced too, so while the game does not have pre-orders you can wishlist it on Steam and expect it to drop less for $20 or less on July 14th. If you’re looking for matches or competition the Digital Crafter Discord is the usual gathering spot.

Digital Crafter’s Fight of Animals will also be featured at Vortex Gallery taking place at Evo 2022 with signups open until July 22nd.