This article is part of my ongoing “Indie Fighting Game Thursday” review/retrospective series, now on! Today we talk about HYPERFIGHT, a one-hit-KO, 2D pixel art game available on Steam! This article was originally published on my Medium blog and has been ported to for preservation and sharing it with more people in the fighting game community!

This was the first thought that crossed my mind when the Schwarzerblitz Discord server was flooded with several new users, all coming from another, completely unrelated community. All due to one, stupid gameplay video featuring Random, a literal floating cube with a “?” printed on its surface, sweeping through Schwarzerblitz’s arcade mode.

This is the video in question. Yes, that’s a true character. No, I didn’t do drugs while creating it, why do you ask?

Apparently, in their community, they had a meme: that selecting “random” in their game would still be better than choosing the lowest tier character, because you had at least five chances over six NOT to get it. Thus, “random” was added to their tier list and placed ABOVE the lowest tier character. When they found out that there existed a game where Random was actually playable, they got curious and decided all together to pay it a visit.

Don McRon (a character in the game) preparing to launch his Fries attack against Dr. Kero, a literal frog with a lab coat

When a CEO with fries knives meets a frog in a lab coat…

Sacrifices must be made

Shoto Goto shooting his Blazing Sun fireball, while Don McRon uses his 1-bar Slamburger move. One of the round counters on Don’s bar is marked in red to signal that the point was consumed to use the special move.

Did anybody order a SLAMBURGER?

One-hit wonders

Dr. Kero shooting his trademark Gravity Ball and Slime Ball against Vince Volt. The balls cover different parts of the screen and are hard to avoid without precise dashes.

You are gonna have a bad time avoiding all those slime balls of doom.

A ragtag bunch of misfits

Dark Goto unleashing is Super Evil Super Attack against a jumping Reaper Angel in the Slime Bros “candy factory” stage.


Don McRon stops time like DIO in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Time for you to clock out!

Depiction of HYPERFIGHT's tutorial mode, with in-game text superimposed to a normal fight scene. The tutorial isn’t interactive and this is its biggest flaw.

The game also features a (very basic) tutorial that explains all you need to jump into your first match. Albeit a bit verbose and very uninteractive, it shows the fundamentals and lets you pick the game up almost instantly, immediately after having read through it.

How to play it?

Game summary

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