The inevitable has come to pass and Capcom has finally announced Street Fighter 6. A 40 second CGI teaser trailer was shown at the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final broadcast:

The trailer shows a new art direction and reminds you that Luke is the key to the future of Street Fighter. More news is promised to come this summer. You can sign up to the newsletter for more info when it is available on the official website. remains committed to supporting the competitive scene for Capcom titles. Look forward to our SF6 portal on the SuperCombo Wiki and dedicated forum. Other projects are planned to expand our own network in 2022.

In related news, Capcom Pro Tour has been renewed for a 2022 season. With one more balance patch for Street Fighter V on the roadmap set to drop in March, the 2022 season will most likely be the send-off season for the title. It is unknown if the Pro Tour will take an online format again or return to offline. Stay tuned to Capcom Fighter’s Twitter for more information.