The TO desk is a show dedicated to telling the perspectives of organizers inside the FGC.

Join Coren, Hagure and Shib on a discussion of retro hardware and playing old man games in 2021 – how to buy, where to buy, what to look for and factors to consider when running events. Where does the enthusiast community stand amidst the inflated prices of retro hardware and original game packages? After that, Chickzama and Shib talk about the FGC Retirement Home – Final Fantasy XIV! Listen to their pre-Endwalker expectations and speculation.

00:00 Intros
01:36 Running events on old/retro hardware
55:35 FGC Holiday Gift Guide
01:13:03 Final Fantasy XIV – Endwalker expectations & FGC Retirement Home

Links to content discussed in the retro segment:

  • RetroRGB – News & Info for retro tech. Great place to get started for learning about Retro gear.
  • RetroRGB Video Podcast
  • RetroTINK – Home of the RetroTINK upscalers; Easiest way to laglessly upscale retro video for use with HDMI.
  • VideoGamePerfection – Home of the OSSC; Another powerful, lagless upscaler (Harder to use, but powerful)
  • Home Arcade System (HAS) Supergun Thread – Golden standard for Superguns
  • Arcade Projects Forums – Forum where a lot of retro tech is developed & discussed
  • ShMUPS Forums – Another hotspot of retro tech activity
  • HDMI Equipment for OSSC – Great thread for HDMI equipment (switchers, matrixes, etc.) that works well with retro tech.
  • raphnet – Home of Raphnet Adapters; a way to convert console controllers → USB.
  • Brook Gaming – Home of the Brook Adapters; Easiest way to connect USB → console controller ports. Defacto standard for DC & PS2 based tournaments. Also home of the Fighting Board, probably the best Arcade Stick PCB for modern consoles.
  • Undamned DB15 USB Decoder – Used to connect USB Controllers to most modern superguns.

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